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Salted Egg Spread Recipe

Post Views: 1,724 In China, some will use Sea duck eggs for their Salted Eggs*. Ideally, for best delicious result, it is preferred to use duck eggs to get the best rich red orange yolk. These duck egg yolks have higher yolk content, fats and cholesterol than regular chicken egg yolks (so they are creamier).… Continue reading Salted Egg Spread Recipe

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Date Jam Recipe

Post Views: 4,345 This Date Jam is so yummy, I just want to eat this jam as it is..The original recipe suggested using apples or grape juice..But since I have 3 overripe lemons sitting in my fridge, I decided to make a jam with a hint of sour and sweet. Trust me..it came out so… Continue reading Date Jam Recipe

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Tuna Sandwich Spread Recipe

Post Views: 10,419 This Tuna Sandwich spread is very easy to make. Using Tuna in cans, this yummy spread is the perfect, budget friendly filling for sandwiches, spread for breads, bagels or even as an appetizer dip! TUNA SANDWICH SPREAD RECIPE INGREDIENTS: 2 cans (14 ounces) tuna in spring water ½ cup mayonnaise (I love… Continue reading Tuna Sandwich Spread Recipe

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Mandarin Marmalade Recipe

Post Views: 13,659 I’ve got extra dozen of Mandarin Oranges from new year.. If this is also your problem.. come and lets turn it into a Marmalade. It is so yummy.. I love it. Just make sure you have enough jars for storage. Enjoy! Update 1/11/2021: After 3 days.. the very slight bitterness of the… Continue reading Mandarin Marmalade Recipe


Easy Apple Marmalade

Post Views: 14,958 Got loads of extra apples sitting on the pantry? Why not turn them into easy homemade, all natural apple marmalade. This sweet and delicious marmalade is also good when you add some orange juice and orange zest for add-on flavor. Happy cooking! Listen to Audio Recipe: EASY APPLE MARMALADE INGREDIENTS: 1 kilogram… Continue reading Easy Apple Marmalade

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Homemade Butter Cheese

Post Views: 55,909 Butter Cheese  Also known as butter cheese, curd cheese from the north. It is a typical cheese from the northeastern. The butter cheese is made without adding rennet, since the dough is obtained by acid denaturation, cooked in the fired pan together with the skim whey. This recipe is adapted from Brazilians… Continue reading Homemade Butter Cheese

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Post Views: 33,561 This Bacon Jam Recipe is Filipino Style! Yummy and delicious spread you can add to any burger, sandwich or even pasta. Sarap nya promise! Tasty, sweet and savory good. You can even start a business of Bacon Jam Gourmet and sell it on bottled jars. Enjoy and happy cooking! Touch it up… Continue reading FILIPINO STYLE BACON JAM

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Post Views: 25,558 Filipino Style Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe you can make for your kids “baon” in school. Back to school recipe ideas! Here are some add-on ingredients and ideas to level up your egg salad sandwich: You may add slices of avocado, a teaspoon of relish or pickles, 1/2 teaspoon of mustard or you… Continue reading EGG SALAD SANDWICH

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Post Views: 49,481 Make your kids school lunch pack (baon) more delicious! Why not prepare these healthy Cheesy Tuna and egg sandwich. It’s absolutely tasty and surely your kids will love it. CHEESY TUNA EGG SANDWICH Preparation Time: 10 minutesCooking Time: 6-8 minutesYield: 6 sandwich INGREDIENTS: 1 can tuna in brine, drained ½ cup Mayonnaise… Continue reading CHEESY TUNA EGG SANDWICH

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Post Views: 14,537 This cheesy corn sandwich is made of cheesy white sauce, corn and capsicum sandwich. Simple, easy and budget-friendly back to school baon ideas. Serving : 2-4 CHEESY CORN SANDWICH INGREDIENTS: 2 tbsp Butter2 tbsp all purpose flour1 ½ cup fresh milk (any liquid milk will do)½  bell pepper, minced½ cup boiled corns¼… Continue reading CHEESY CORN SANDWICH

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Post Views: 136,186 Make your own homemade Rainbow Sandwiches with Assorted filling for parties and back to school lunch pack for kids. These sandwiches are a party show stopper! Kids and adults will surely love these sandwiches. RAINBOW SANDWICHES WITH ASSORTED FILLING by Munira Kamal (Tuna Spread, Russian Salad, Veggie Spread, Mayo-Mustard Filling and Egg… Continue reading RAINBOW SANDWICHES WITH ASSORTED FILLING

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Santan (Coco Jam with Pili Nuts)

Post Views: 23,450 Santan (Coco Jam with Pili Nuts) A sweet recipe that came from the province of Bicol Region. This recipe is a perfect dessert on its own, or as a spread on rice-based snacks (kakanin) or just plain bread. Made from rich coconut milk and raw sugar (Kalamay or Panutsa) reduced through a… Continue reading Santan (Coco Jam with Pili Nuts)

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Banana Choco Jam Recipe

Post Views: 19,588 Are you thinking of starting a small jam business? You got to try this super delicious jam made from banana and chocolate. You may use dark chocolate or any chocolate chips too. Lusciously sweet and decadent! Banana Choco Jam Recipe INGREDIENTS: 5-7 large bananas (about 800g) 3/4 cups chocolate chips or 100g … Continue reading Banana Choco Jam Recipe

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Post Views: 90,451 Got loads of queso de bola at home or any left over processed cheese like Eden Cheese or Quezo, Magnolia or any kind of cheese? Im sure you do, but fret not because you can surely remake that cheese into something exciting and delicious sandwich spread for the whole family. Did you… Continue reading CHEESE PIMIENTO (CHEESEWHIZ)


Calamansi Jam

Post Views: 34,864 If you have tons of calamansi in your pantry or a harvest from your own calamansi tree. This is the best recipe you can make out of it. Try this today: How to make Calamansi Jelly Spread. So easy and quick to do! Calamansi Jam (Marmalade) Ingredients: 300 grams fresh calamansi 2… Continue reading Calamansi Jam

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Strawberry Jam

Post Views: 8,593 Strawberry Jam INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: YOU MAY ALSO TRY OUR: Source

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Minatamis na Bao

Post Views: 24,943 Minatamis na Bao Making (Coconut Jam) (Filipino: Also known as matamis na bao) is a jam made of coconut milk and sugar. It is also very known in Southeast Asia, such countries like Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. (Wikipedia) Where can I buy Panutsa or Panocha (Sugar Cane Chunks)… Continue reading Minatamis na Bao

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Homemade Mayonnaise

Post Views: 16,291 Simple recipe of homemade mayonnaise, how to make it delicious, healthy and non fat using a blender. Quick and easy recipe for Filipino household. Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe INGREDIENTS: 4 fresh eggs 1.38 cups oil (300 grams) Pinch of salt, to taste 2 tablespoon sugar 3 tablespoon vinegar INSTRUCTIONS: Mix all the ingredients… Continue reading Homemade Mayonnaise

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Orange Peel Marmalade Recipe

Post Views: 13,873 Quick and easy orange marmalade that can be served as a dessert too! Double this recipe if you want more yields. You can add a hint of other fruits like apricot, apples, lemon, rhubarb, gooseberry, or peach to add variety and flavor. Like lime. Yes, some orange peels are included, you may… Continue reading Orange Peel Marmalade Recipe

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Sweet Potato Jam (Kamote Halaya)

Post Views: 28,235 If you can’t find an Ube Halaya near your place.. This Sweet Potato Jam is the next best thing to your favorite Ube! Go ahead and try it with sweet potato Sweet Potato Jam (Kamote Halaya) INGREDIENTS: 3-4 sweet potatoes, (boiled, peeled & mashed)1 ½ cups coconut milk250 ml sweetened condensed milk… Continue reading Sweet Potato Jam (Kamote Halaya)


Homemade Cheez Whiz

Post Views: 153,572 Who loves cheese whiz.. I do! No need to buy the expensive spread in supermarkets. If you need to make some tons of sandwich, for prayer meetings, gatherings, occasions, outings, picnics etc. Why not make some cheaper but delicious homemade cheese spread! Homemade is fun and you’re guaranteed its fresh, clean and… Continue reading Homemade Cheez Whiz

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Post Views: 15,342 This is a family favorite; often requested by everyone specially on weekend. I’ve made this so many times, that I never have to measure anything. I simply eyeball and adjust for taste. For our purposes, give or take a smidgen, the following would be my best estimation of the measurements for the… Continue reading CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICH

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Post Views: 20,395 This dipping sauce recipe is ideal to use as a sauce for spring rolls, fried shrimp, egg rolls, sweet potato fries, crab cakes, seafood, sandwiches spread, burgers, chicken, fries, onion rings, bloomin’ onions, etc. Super flexible for any fried finger food and light in taste! Remoulade Sauce INGREDIENTS: 1 cup real mayonnaise… Continue reading REMOULADE SAUCE

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Post Views: 34,404 What is an authentic guacamole recipe? A guacamole is a mexican food made of mashed avocado served as a dipping sauce, salad dressing or sandwich spread. It is seasoned with herbs and spices that makes it so yummy to any tortilla chips or garden fresh salad. The mexican would call it “Guac”.… Continue reading AUTHENTIC GUACAMOLE RECIPE


Homemade Chicken Sandwich Spread

Post Views: 52,807   Homemade Chicken Sandwich Spread Filipino style, easy to make and so delicious with any bread. Everyone will surely enjoy this sandwich! Yield: about 4 Cups Homemade Chicken Sandwich Spread INGREDIENTS: 1 kilogram chicken breast fillet1 teaspoon salt2 bay leaves3 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed½ teaspoon pepper corns (for boiling chicken)1 cup… Continue reading Homemade Chicken Sandwich Spread

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Butterscotch Sauce Recipe

Post Views: 19,158 The best and perfect homemade Butterscotch Sauce Recipe – it’s easy to make too! Great for steamed pudding or just ice cream sundaes and cake recipes too. Butterscotch Sauce Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup all purpose cream 3 tbsp butter 1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp salt 1 tablespoons bourbon… Continue reading Butterscotch Sauce Recipe

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Yema Spread

Post Views: 77,531 You gotta try this Yema spread. A number of our group members are already earning from homemade Yema Spread. Who knows, this Yema Spread can turn to be your simple home business venture. Shelf life only last for 1 week if kept inside the fridge. There are so many varieties you can… Continue reading Yema Spread

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Homemade Condensed Milk

Post Views: 50,485 Homemade Condensed Milk recipe na pwedeng i-negosyo sa bahay. Alam mo ba na maari kang gumawa ng Homemade Condensed Milk sa iyong bahay? At hindi na kailangan pang bumili sa lata at mas makakatipid ka pa sa gastos if may time ka naman magluto. Maari mo itong gamitin sa baking ingredients or… Continue reading Homemade Condensed Milk

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Homemade Peanut Butter

Post Views: 60,460 Homemade Peanut butter you can easily make at home like your favorite classic Lily’s Peanut Butter. 100% guaranteed fresh, no msg that may cause Alzheimer’s disease and no preservatives that can cause cancer. How is that to you? Way better than ready made.  You will need a food processor to make this… Continue reading Homemade Peanut Butter

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Dulce de Leche Recipe

Post Views: 130,102   Dulce de leche or in Portuguese known as “doce de leite” is a confection prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a product that derives its taste from the caramelisation of the product, changing flavor and color. When “Literally” translated, it means “candy of milk” or “candy [made] of milk”,… Continue reading Dulce de Leche Recipe