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Baulo (Tausug Delicacy)

Post Views: 798 Baulo is a traditional Tausug treat that was borrowed from Malaysian food. They refer to it as baolo, baulo, or bahulu. The flavor has a distinct twist and is somewhat reminiscent of french madeleines. You may give it a tiny fruity touch by adding Royal Tru Orange or Fruit Juice to make… Continue reading Baulo (Tausug Delicacy)

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Chinese Scallion Pancakes 

Post Views: 998 It is a Chinese flatbread that is savory and unleavened. It is not created from batter like Western pancakes; rather, it is formed from dough. It is pan-fried, giving it chewy texture and crunchy edges. It’s yummy and easy to make! Chinese Scallion Pancakes  INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Cooking Notes: You can prepare the… Continue reading Chinese Scallion Pancakes 

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Ube Turon

Post Views: 1,241 Popular among Filipinos, ube turon is a sweet purple yam (ube) treat that is wrapped in a crisp spring roll wrapper and deep-fried till golden brown. Ube Turon Recipe INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Cooking Tips: Got no Ube Halaya and you need a budget-friendly recipe? Just use Cheesy Mashed Potato (Quick & Easy) recipe… Continue reading Ube Turon

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Pichi Pichi (Using Cassava Flour)

Post Views: 14,361 If fresh cassava, frozen cassava or lye water is not available in your place.. that’s ok! We can still make your favorite Pichi-pichi.  The most common question I always encounter is.. where to buy these ingredients like fresh cassava or the lye water? Don’t worry because you can make your favorite Pichi-pichi… Continue reading Pichi Pichi (Using Cassava Flour)

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Ham and Cheese Empanada

Post Views: 3,146 Super yummy Ham and Cheese empanada for Business. Patok at swak na swak na merienda for everyone to munch. Try it today! (English and Filipino Cooking Instructions provided below). 35 pieces small empanada  Ham and Cheese Empanada INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: (Filipino Version Instructions) PARAAN: YOU MAY ALSO TRY OUR: