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Baulo (Tausug Delicacy)

Post Views: 756 Baulo is a traditional Tausug treat that was borrowed from Malaysian food. They refer to it as baolo, baulo, or bahulu. The flavor has a distinct twist and is somewhat reminiscent of french madeleines. You may give it a tiny fruity touch by adding Royal Tru Orange or Fruit Juice to make… Continue reading Baulo (Tausug Delicacy)

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Pichi Pichi (Using Cassava Flour)

Post Views: 14,331 If fresh cassava, frozen cassava or lye water is not available in your place.. that’s ok! We can still make your favorite Pichi-pichi.  The most common question I always encounter is.. where to buy these ingredients like fresh cassava or the lye water? Don’t worry because you can make your favorite Pichi-pichi… Continue reading Pichi Pichi (Using Cassava Flour)

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Puto Bumbong Recipe with Bamboo Steamer

Post Views: 4,096 THE ORIGIN OF PUTO BUMBONG  Did you know that Puto Bumbong originated from an Indian (Tamil-speaking) community in Malaysia. In Malaysia they call it “Putu bambu“, and it is cooked using white sticky rice. The word “PUTU” comes from the Tamil word “PUTTU” which means “PORTION“. These Tamil speaking people came from… Continue reading Puto Bumbong Recipe with Bamboo Steamer

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Putong Bigas (without Coconut Milk)

Post Views: 6,715 Super yummy Putong Bigas, usually served with freshly grated/shredded coconut meat as topping for the “puto” or rice cake. In the Philippines, coconut husks can be bought at the markets and have it shredded fresh from the chopped husk. These fresh coconuts are also harvested from trees in one’s backyard, and the… Continue reading Putong Bigas (without Coconut Milk)

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Easy Puto Recipe (Tagalog Procedure)

Post Views: 18,621 Super easy gawin at sundan sa Tagalog version instructions sa pag-luluto ng Puto. Masarap gawin sa handaan tuwing may occasion (potluck, birthday, binyag at kasalan). Swak na swak pa sa budget. Yield 20-30 pcs Easy Puto Recipe (Tagalog procedure) INGREDIENTS: 4 cups cake flour 2 Tablespoon baking powder 2 cups white sugar… Continue reading Easy Puto Recipe (Tagalog Procedure)