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Camote Fries Recipe (Sweet Potato)

Post Views: 40,230 Do you want a healthy snack, say no to fast food junk food. If you love fries this is a healthy alternative and delicious too! Crispy Camote or Kamote fries in the house. Serve it with a sprinkle of paprika, or barbeque powder, or just salt and pepper. Then serve it with… Continue reading Camote Fries Recipe (Sweet Potato)

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Hopia Munggo

Post Views: 47,438 Hopia Munggo, hopia ube, hopia pandan, hopia custard, hopia combi! You can make all these today with this recipe. I really miss eating these hopia. My mom will always bring home Eng Bee Tin Hopia from Binondo. With this recipe, you can easily make your own even if there’s no Eng Bee… Continue reading Hopia Munggo

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Classic Pancit Palabok Recipe

Post Views: 116,284 An all time Filipino favorite merienda recipe, Classic Pancit Palabok. Simple, easy and saucy Palabok recipe. Back in my college days, sa canteen best partner nito ay puto and coke. Super yummy.. Classic Pancit Palabok Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 pack (1 lb) rice noodles (bihon) For Sauce: 2 tbsp cooking oil 1/2 lb… Continue reading Classic Pancit Palabok Recipe

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Maruya Recipe (Pinaypay na Saging)

Post Views: 82,408 Maruya or Pinaypay na Saging (Banana Fan Fritters) are slices of banana plantains (saging na saba) coated in batter, deep fried in oil and sprinkled with sugar. For some people they call it Maruya, but in Cebu they call it Pinaypay and in Bicol they call it Sinapot. It is a favorite… Continue reading Maruya Recipe (Pinaypay na Saging)

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Pinoy Cheese Bread Rolls 

Post Views: 68,480 These Pinoy Cheese Bread Rolls are my favorite classic merienda (snack). Try it and you’ll crave for more! Pinoy Cheese bread rolls are cheesy and jumbo in size. Great for any afternoon snacks or merienda feels! Your picky eater will surely love these. So yummy-licious and fresh from the hot oven. Hope… Continue reading Pinoy Cheese Bread Rolls 

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Ube Pao Recipe

Post Views: 66,248 Ube Pao Recipe for all ube lovers out there (purple yam). Ube is a favorite Filipino dessert. That’s why no wonder you find these dessert variance in any Filipino goodies. The international scene have already notice a craze for this colorful purple dessert, like The Insiders post –  The hottest new food on… Continue reading Ube Pao Recipe

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Tinutungang Munggo Recipe

Post Views: 194,847 Tinutungang Munggo Recipe is a sweet glutinous rice porridge with toasted mung beans and thick coconut milk sauce (monggo or munggo beans in tagalog). This is my favorite classic Filipino merienda recipe back in my childhood days, while some will call it Ginataang Munggo or Ginataang Totong. According to comments on our… Continue reading Tinutungang Munggo Recipe

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Minatamis na Saging Recipe

Post Views: 39,305 Minatamis na Saging Recipe (Caramelized Plantains Dessert) are one of my comfort food. It is a Filipino favorite afternoon snack and dessert. I love it more when the bananas are so soft and ripe with very thick brown caramelized sugar. I can remember how our house would smell like pandan when my… Continue reading Minatamis na Saging Recipe

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Pizza Rolls Recipe

Post Views: 124,276 If you love pizza then this Pizza Rolls recipe is just perfect for you, your family. Kids will surely love this Pizza Rolls recipe. Super easy to make snack on any day or special occasion. This pizza roll is definitely Filipino style recipe. Try it! Pizza Rolls Recipe INGREDIENTS: 16 pcs Tasty… Continue reading Pizza Rolls Recipe

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Post Views: 145,654 How to make your own Pinoy Ice Scramble Recipe (Filipino Style). This Ice Scramble Recipe or locals call it Iskrambol is a classic streetfood favorite of kids or kids at heart. It’s your ultimate childhood treat to any Filipino. They are traditionally sold in streets outside public elementary schools back in the… Continue reading PINOY ICE SCRAMBLE

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Kalabasa Turon

Post Views: 23,286 Kalabasa Turon Ingredients: 1/2 curve size kalabasa (or pumpkin) 1/2 cup condensed milk 2 tbsp unsalted butter 1 whole egg 1 tspn. Vanilla extract 1 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp honey Pinch of salt Turon wrapper Instructions: Wash, peel, boil and drain pumpkins or squash. Slice into 1-inch size. In a shallow pot, pour… Continue reading Kalabasa Turon

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Post Views: 107,185 The very famous dessert/kakanin in the Philippines! Ube halaya is now conquering the international scene. This Ube halaya is my forever favorite dessert too (I bet everyone will agree to this). The secret to the best smooth ube purple yam dessert is using a grinder, an electric mixer or hand mixer and… Continue reading UBE HALAYA SPECIAL

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Pancit Canton Guisado

Post Views: 32,113 Easy Pancit Canton Guisado with very simple ingredients and budget-friendly too. Simplehan lang natin ang ingredients, yan ang tunay na pinoy pancit canton. Maari din lagyan ng nilagang itlog slices para mas masarap!  Yield: 6 to 8 Servings PANCIT CANTON GUISADO INGREDIENTS: 2 (8 ounces each) package pancit canton 8 to 10… Continue reading Pancit Canton Guisado

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Minatamis na Kamoteng kahoy, Saging at Sago

Post Views: 65,975 Minatamis na Kamoteng Kahoy, Saging at Sago Ingredients: 2 cups  cassava, cubes (kamoteng kahoy)  1 cup sliced saging na saba 1 cup brown sugar 2 cups water ½ cup langka, strips (alternative flavor pandan leaves) 1 cup sago, cooked Instructions: 1. In small pot, mix sugar and water and stir until diluted.… Continue reading Minatamis na Kamoteng kahoy, Saging at Sago

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Milky Chocolate Marble Puto

Post Views: 33,438 Milky Chocolate Marble Puto INGREDIENTS: 1 cup cake Flour 1 cup all Purpose flour 1 1/2 cup evap 1 cup sugar 1 1/2 tbsp. baking powder (I used calumet) 1/4 tsp. Baking soda (optional/kahit wala) 3 tbsp. melted Dairy Creme (or margarine or oil) 3 eggs 1 tsp. Vanilla 2 tbsp Hershey’s… Continue reading Milky Chocolate Marble Puto

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Puto Cake Recipe

Post Views: 37,513 Super soft and immaculate white puto with pork asado filling. Cheese or salted eggs can be put on top. Super delicious! This recipe is a business recipe and can make 30 pcs or more depending on the size of the mold. Puto Cake Recipe INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Tagalog (Filipino Version) Super soft and… Continue reading Puto Cake Recipe

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Arroz Caldo with Chicken Adobo Flakes

Post Views: 35,625 Arroz Caldo with Chicken Adobo Flakes INGREDIENTS: 1 cup rice 1 liter water, you can add more if the porridge is too thick. chicken adobo flakes leftover, (flaked and fried) a pinch of saffron (alternatively: turmeric) 3 cloves garlic a thumb of ginger 1 small onion optional: chicken bouillon, if you don’t… Continue reading Arroz Caldo with Chicken Adobo Flakes

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Homemade Churros Recipe

Post Views: 67,775 These Homemade Churros is deep fried, soft in the inside, crispy on the outside and coated with cinnamon sugar. Just perfect with a chocolate dip or even with Dulce de leche. Its a wonderful afternoon delights to match with hot chocolate drink. Enjoy!  Homemade Churros Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 cup water 2 ½… Continue reading Homemade Churros Recipe

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Champorado with Coconut Milk

Post Views: 63,460 The aroma of coconut milk smells so delicious. I’ve never smelled a champorado as good as this. Perfectly creamy, delicious chocolatey madness. What is Champorado? Champorado is a chocolate rice porridge that Filipino loves to eat for breakfast. It is a Filipino staple breakfast. And my favorite childhood breakfast. I remember, I… Continue reading Champorado with Coconut Milk

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Freshly Baked Piaya

Post Views: 86,704 When you see a Piaya on the table, it only means one thing for sure. It’s merienda time! Try this grilled or oven baked piaya. Either way.. you can definitely make one at home.  Do you miss eating Piaya? It’s so crunchy and flaky specialy when serve fresh and warm from the… Continue reading Freshly Baked Piaya

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Turon Malagkit (Lebak)

Post Views: 79,499 Lebak is turon made of malagkit or glutinous rice. Good News…You can also use Tikoy or other fiilings! It is a native merienda delicacy in Sultan Kudarat. It’s a new twist of the traditional turon made of banana. You can also add langka, macapuno or ube for add on flavors. You must… Continue reading Turon Malagkit (Lebak)

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Macaroons (A Holiday Recipe)

Post Views: 14,058 This macaroons recipe is a level up recipe specially made for the coming Holiday season. Give it as a gift, giveaways or sell it in boxes of sweet treats! Happy baking and Happy Holidays! Macaroons (A Holiday Recipe) INGREDIENTS: 2 cups dessicated coconut 1 (14 ounce) can condensed milk 1/2 cup cheddar… Continue reading Macaroons (A Holiday Recipe)

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How to Make Binangkal

Post Views: 97,098   Binangkal or sesame seed doughnuts is a popular Visayan snack (merienda) that will make you say “Lami kaayo!” (very tasty). Its very crispy outside and soft in the inside. Then, dip it in melted chocolate and youre in for a heavenly treat! Wanna cook it today?  How to Make Binangkal Ingredients:2… Continue reading How to Make Binangkal

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Minatamis na Balinghoy (Cassava)

Post Views: 31,409 Minatamis na Balinghoy is a Filipino Native dessert which is made of kamoteng kahoy or also known as balanghoy/ bilanghoy in the provinces and most commonly called in english as “Cassava”. It is a favorite root crop of Filipinos when it comes to native delicacies (kakanin/snack).  The most common recipe we always… Continue reading Minatamis na Balinghoy (Cassava)

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WALKMAN (Barbequed Pork Ears)

Post Views: 17,175 Walkman is a colloquial term of Pork Ear Barbeque. A famous Filipino streetfood barbeque that is sold on streets for a very affordable price. It was named Walkman back in the 80’s and 90’s when Sony Walkman became famous. Filipinos would rather call it walkman as a shortcut to the long name… Continue reading WALKMAN (Barbequed Pork Ears)

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Siopao Asado

Post Views: 135,739   If you want to know why Siopao turns yellowish in color. In this recipe I will teach you the technique on how to make a pure white Siopao Asado. Learn why some siopao turns into yellowish dough instead of pure white. For your Homemade Siopao Sauce recipe also check this recipe. Siopao… Continue reading Siopao Asado

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Paano Gumawa ng French Fries

Post Views: 31,864 Homemade Filipino Style, Tagalog Version Recipe of French Fries, super easy or dali lamang lutuin, lalo na kung may slicer ka ng patatas na nabibili online para mas equal at madali hiwain ng mga patatas or potatoes. Para mas maging healthy, gamitan ito ng extra virgin olive oil. Happy cooking!  Short Clip… Continue reading Paano Gumawa ng French Fries

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Ampaw (Puffed Rice)

Post Views: 34,242 Ampaw or ampao (Puffed Rice) is a favorite snack (merienda) in Liloan, Cebuano. It’s crunchy, sticky and yummy sweet Ampao from Liloan, Cebu. “Ampaw” or ampao is made from dried cooked rice or better known as known as rice crispies in other countries. The rice grains are cooked and sun-dried. Then, fried… Continue reading Ampaw (Puffed Rice)

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Apple Turon Recipe

Post Views: 26,292 Apple Turon Recipe INGREDIENTS: 4 golden delicious apples, cored and shredded 1 tablespoon lemon juice 3/4 cup light brown sugar 3 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon cinnamon Spring roll wrappers Cooking oil for frying Melted caramel candy for drizzling (optional) INSTRUCTIONS: Put the apples, lemon juice, brown sugar, butter,… Continue reading Apple Turon Recipe

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SPECIAL PANCIT PALABOK (Using Mama Sita’s Palabok Mix)

Post Views: 75,284 This is my all-time favorite food to eat in the palengke (wet market) back in the days. And every stall that sell this has a different top secret recipe that make theirs special or different from the others. I still remember Ponching’s version of this delicious dish. He uses yellow thick noodles… Continue reading SPECIAL PANCIT PALABOK (Using Mama Sita’s Palabok Mix)