Sinaing na Tulingan

Loading… Ingredients: 2 kilos medium-size tulingan (bullet tuna) Small square of banana leaf, enough to cover the bottom of your palayok (clay pot) 2 bunches of unripe sampaloc (tamarind), washed and cracked 3 cloves garlic, crushed ½ c sea salt Pinch of pepper Optional: ¼ kg of pork fat, sliced into thin strips Cooking instructions:… Continue reading Sinaing na Tulingan

All Kinds of Sisig · Fish

Crispy Bangus Sisig with Skin

Loading… I was searching the web for a Bangus Sisig recipe. And it looks like they all have 3 denominator of ingredients. These 3 ingredients are unhealthy and I don’t to want to use, like pork chicharon, mayonnaise and butter. Since I am looking for the healthier version of sisig, these 3 ingredients I did… Continue reading Crispy Bangus Sisig with Skin


Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu

Loading… In Filipino this Sweet and Sour Lapu lapu is also known as Lapu lapu Escabeche. Deep fried large lapu lapu until it becomes so crispy and poured with Sweet and sour sauce upon serving. Make sure your lapu lapu is fresh and your recipe is surely unbelievably delish! Good for any occasion, party, fiesta,… Continue reading Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu

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Sinigang na Salmon

Loading… SINIGANG NA SALMON INGREDIENTS: 1 kilogram Pink Salmon 1 pack sinigang sa Sampaloc mix (1 liter pack, tamarind base soup mix) 1 big tomato, sliced 1 big onion, sliced ¼ lb fresh spinach or Kangkong (water spinach) *i used spinach and watercrest Sitaw 1 liter water Salt to taste INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Sprinkle salt to… Continue reading Sinigang na Salmon


Sweet and Sour Lapu lapu Recipe

Loading… Sweet and Sour Lapu lapu Recipe Ingredients: 1 piece of Lapu-lapu fish 1/2 cup of flour Salt and pepper to taste 1 cup of oil, canola or vegetable 2 cloves of garlic, minced 1 piece of onion, cut into 4 parts 1 thumb sized ginger, julienned 1 piece of red bell pepper, julienned 1… Continue reading Sweet and Sour Lapu lapu Recipe


Fish Fillet With Honey Lemon Butter Sauce

Loading… Fish Fillet With Honey Lemon Butter Sauce Ingredients: • 2-1/2 Tablespoons – Pure Natural Honey • 3-1/2 Tablespoons – butter, softened • 3-1/3 Tablespoons – lemon juice • 1 Tablespoon – finely chopped lemon zest • 100 (5 to 6 oz.) – white fish fillets (like snapper or rock cod) • Lemon slices, optional… Continue reading Fish Fillet With Honey Lemon Butter Sauce

Adobo Recipes · Fish · Lutong Bahay (Tagalog Version)


Loading… There are two language version of this recipe: English and Tagalog version. Ingredients: 1 pc. large size catfish, cleaned and cut into 1.5 to 2 inches length 3/4 cup coconut vinegar 1 can gata (coconut milk) 2 –3 tbsps. olive oil 2 – 3 tbsps. patis (fish sauce) 3 – 4 pcs. bay leaves… Continue reading ADOBONG HITO SA GATA

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Homemade Spanish Sardines

Ingredients: 1 kilo tawilis (sprats) 1 pc. pickled cucumber (optional) 1 medium size carrot 3-4 bay leaves whole peppercorns Chilies (siling labuyo optional) 3/4 cup of olive oil (or corn oil) 1 cup of water salt (1 tbsp)   Cooking instructions: 1. Cut each fish (head and tails plus the innards) and wash thoroughly. 2.… Continue reading Homemade Spanish Sardines

Fish · Lutong Bahay (Tagalog Version)

Plapla Escabeche

Ingredients: 1 piraso 1/2 kg plapla 1/4 tasa toyo 2 kutsara suka 1 kutsara crushed pineapple 2 kutsara asukal 1-2 piraso red bell pepper 1 piraso puting sibuyas 1 kutsarita bawang 1 piraso carrot 1/2 kutsarita luya asin paminta Mama’s Guide Instructions Lagyan ng asin ang isda at i-prito hanggang maging golden brown Sa isang… Continue reading Plapla Escabeche

Filipino Native Food · Fish · Ulam

Rellenong Bangus

Tried and tested delicious recipe of Rellenong Bangus ni Mama. Super sarap at partneran ng sawsawan na ketchup. Tara mga ka-MGR at magluto ng Rellenong Bangus Espesyal na pwede sa kahit anung okasyon or pang ulam din. Bet na bet ito ng buong pamilya! Happy cooking. Enjoy! Rellenong Bangus Ingredients: 1 large size bangus 1… Continue reading Rellenong Bangus

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Sinigang Na Bangus Sa Miso

Sinigang Na Bangus Sa Miso is perfect for a rainy day weather, actually for Filipinos its our all time favorite ulam (menu) for any kind of weather I guess. When you can’t think of any food to eat and just tiresome to think. First thing the comes our mind is Sinigang! It’s our no fail… Continue reading Sinigang Na Bangus Sa Miso


Adobo sa Ginataang Tambakol

Mas pinasarap na Ginataang Tambakol recipe, inadobo sa gata. Winner po sa sarap lalo na kung fresh na fresh amg isdang tambakol na nabili. Lalo po itong mas sasarap kung spicy. Mapapalaban ka sa maraming kanin sa Ginataang Isda! Happy cooking! Adobo sa Ginataang Tambakol Ingredients: 1 medium size tambakol (8-10 slices, including the head), about… Continue reading Adobo sa Ginataang Tambakol


Yellow Fin Tuna Salficao

Yellow fin tuna salficao is my best bet for people who needs to cook something quick and delicious. Simple and tasty, it doesn’t take too long to prepare. I used Ocean fresh yellow fin tuna, sold at major groceries here in the Philippines. Yellow fin tuna salficao recipe taste so good with plenty of fried… Continue reading Yellow Fin Tuna Salficao

Filipino Recipe · Fish · Pasta · White Sauce

Ultimately Creamy Tuna Carbonara

A gastronomic special recipe of ultimately creamy tuna carbonara. Whet your appetite for this seafood style in white sauce pasta. This is so yummy that my other half ate about 3 plates serving size! Just a Heads Up: In cooking pasta sauces, the size of your pasta noodles will help you know how much thickness… Continue reading Ultimately Creamy Tuna Carbonara

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    Bacalao ng mga Caviteño is a proud recipe of Cavite. Usually served in Holy Week or Araw ng Pangilin sa pagkain ng karne (Meat Fasting). Bacalao is a spanish word that means  dried Codfish or labahita in tagalog. When I checked Wikepedia Bacalao is a coined word that originated from the word “Bacalhau”. Bacalao or… Continue reading Bacalao


Teriyaki Oven Toaster Grilled Norwegian Salmon

By Mama’s Guide Recipes   I just cooked this teriyaki style oven toaster Norwegian Salmon. Mouthwatering and tasty Norwegian salmon steak grilled in oven toaster. You can never go wrong with rice wine and Worcestershire make sure to include all ingredients indicated in this recipe. 3 thumbs up!  Ingredients: 1 big slice Frabelle Norwegian… Continue reading Teriyaki Oven Toaster Grilled Norwegian Salmon


Pinangat na Bisugo sa Kamatis at Calamansi (Threadfin Brim)

Mama’s favorite recipe, pinangat na Bisugo. The taste is between sinigang and paksiw. Best paired with a plate of hot or newly cooked rice. Very healthy and yummy indeed! Come on and lets have a feast. Pinangat na Bisugo sa Kamatis at Calamansi (Threadfin Brim) Ingredients: 1 lb. Bisugo (Threadfin Brim), cleaned and gutted 3… Continue reading Pinangat na Bisugo sa Kamatis at Calamansi (Threadfin Brim)


Breaded Cream Dory Fish with Pineapple Pepper Relish

You can buy cream dory fillet in most major supermarket nowadays. I always buy my Cream dory at Sm Supermarkets at a very affordable price, specially for the frugal moms out there like me. Your kids will absolutely love this simple fish recipe that is healthy for the body.   Ingredients: 1 cup crushed canned… Continue reading Breaded Cream Dory Fish with Pineapple Pepper Relish