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Party Hedgehog

Post Views: 23,658 A party hedgehog is a look a like a of a Hedgehog pet. These finger food is ideal to any party as an added food decor to any party table. How to make a perfect Party Hedgehog (Hotdog and Mallows) INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: YOU MAY ALSO TRY OUR:

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Chocolate Coated Waffle Stick

Post Views: 22,671 Waffle on stick dipped in melted chocolate ganache with some colorful candy sprinkle. Your kids can’t resist it! You may also use white chocolate and sprinkle with m&m’s or mini marshmallows. These are just like donuts but the diffrence is you are using a waffle hotdog on stick. Its really sweet and… Continue reading Chocolate Coated Waffle Stick

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Sizzling Hotdog

Post Views: 84,798 Wow this is so yummy. You gotta try it soon and your family will go crazy watching out what’s cooking in your kitchen the next day. My family just love this recipe, sizzling spicy hotdog. Delicious, simple and budget friendly too. This recipe is a bit spicy, but you can remove the… Continue reading Sizzling Hotdog