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Gum Paste (Using Tylose Powder or CMC Powder)

Loading… If you are a new home baker exploring for more recipes and beginning to extend out of your comfort zone on cake decorating and cake design. One of the very first thing you need to mark on your list will be – Gum Paste Decoration. Yes! Gum paste is one of the most basic… Continue reading Gum Paste (Using Tylose Powder or CMC Powder)

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8 Basic Icing Recipes (Beginners Guide)

Loading… 8 Basic Icing Recipes (Beginners Guide) –Ganache, buttercream, glace or royal icing, which frosting do I put on my cakes? These are the usual words uttered in most kitchens around the world. With all the various icing out there, I know that it can get a little bit confusing at times. So here, we’ve… Continue reading 8 Basic Icing Recipes (Beginners Guide)


Chocolate Ganache Icing

Loading… This Chocolate Ganache icing or frosting is very stable because of the heavy cream. As some of you may not know heavy cream contains more fats than all purpose cream. These fats will hold the chocolate for a longer time even in humid temperature. So use of all purpose cream as a substitute is not… Continue reading Chocolate Ganache Icing


Boiled Icing

Loading… Boiled Icing is the favorite among bakers because it is what you call the traditional icing everybody learned back in the decades. Compared today..there are plenty of icing or frosting you can learn enhanced by chemicals and syrups. This icing is very stable and can last long in tropical countries or humid temperature. Things… Continue reading Boiled Icing


Marshmallow Icing

Loading… For your convenience the instructions will be in English and Tagalog language or version. #LetsCookMGR   Ingredients: 2 egg whites (Medium Egg Size) 1 1/2 cups white sugar 1/3 cup cold water 1 1/2 teaspoons light corn syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup miniature marshmallows   Instructions: Combine egg whites, sugar, water and… Continue reading Marshmallow Icing