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Cream of Crab Soup Recipe

Post Views: 82 This soup is highly rich and not intended to be consumed on a diet. You may opt to add onions too if you like. Just start by sautéing shredded onion in butter until it’s extremely soft. For the half and half cream please see substitution option at the bottom. Cream of Crab… Continue reading Cream of Crab Soup Recipe

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Thai Giant King Prawns Recipe

Post Views: 408 Famous Delicacy in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Giant freshwater river prawns are prized as a delicacy in Thailand and are a favorite of almost everyone who lives there. Macrobrachium rosenbergii, popularly known simply as huge freshwater prawns. What is MACROBRACHIUM ROSENBERGII? (King Freshwater River Prawns /Giant Freshwater Prawns). A critically important species of palaemonid… Continue reading Thai Giant King Prawns Recipe

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Chicken Shashlik (Grilled Chicken Kebabs)

Post Views: 593 Yummy, flavorful, spicy chicken shashlik kebabs that can be grilled for just around 15 minutes (or you can use a broiler, air fryer or even stove top grill). The marinade went so perfect and delicious! Chicken Shashlik (Grilled Chicken Kebabs) INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: FOR BROILING: Aside from grilling, you may also broil this… Continue reading Chicken Shashlik (Grilled Chicken Kebabs)

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Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken Recipe

Post Views: 763 Did you know that these Popcorn chicken is famous in Taiwan night market?  These Taiwanese-style popcorn chicken is juicy on the inside yet crispy on the outside. The taste is so delicious when tossed with the salt spice mix and garnished with fried Thai basil leaves. So yummy and you just can’t… Continue reading Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken Recipe

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Steamed Creme Caramel

Post Views: 671 In French cuisine, this dessert is called Creme caramel. Also known as flan, it is a vanilla custard that is cooked in a ramekin with caramelized sugar coating and served unmolded. You have to try these, they are so creamy and velvety smooth! This recipe is just for 2 ramekins, just multiply… Continue reading Steamed Creme Caramel