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Crispy Avocado Spring Rolls

Post Views: 172 Super healthy and so yummy avocado and some veggies! The ingredients are simple and very easy. Must try, its a good and delicious appetizer for the whole family. Crispy Avocado Spring Rolls  INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Cilantro Parmesan Dip (Optional): *Combine all ingredients til smooth YOU MAY ALSO TRY OUR:

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Hopiang Baboy Recipe

Post Views: 730 Hopiang Baboy or Chinese Pastry with Pork Flavoured Filling – is a widely available inexpensive treat or snack popular in the Philippines which is somewhat alike to moon cake. One of the famous brands of our local Hopia I know is “Tipas Hopia”.  Also known as Bakpia in Indonesia which means meat… Continue reading Hopiang Baboy Recipe

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Egg-Drop Soup Recipe

Post Views: 266 Let’s learn a simple classic Chinese soup that we all know.. Egg drop soup. It’s yummy and very easy to make..with the right cooking technique anyone can do this easy soup. Egg-Drop Soup Recipe INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: YOU MAY ALSO TRY OUR:

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Greek Style Avocado Toast

Post Views: 387 You want a simple breakfast, healthy and yet delicious? You gotta try this Greek Style Avocado Toast..So yummy! Greek Style Avocado Toast Servings: 2 INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: YOU MAY ALSO TRY OUR:

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Korean Scallion Salad (Pachae Muchim)

Post Views: 466 Scallion Salad a.k.a Pachae Muchim or Pa Muchim is one of the banchan/side dishes that’s commonly served in Korean cuisine. It’s very healthy and delicious! It’s a Korean ban chan that’s perfect for your Samgyupsal. What is Pachae Muchim? It means Seasoned Green onions or Scallions. In Korean, when julienned, they’re called… Continue reading Korean Scallion Salad (Pachae Muchim)

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Fried Chicken Wings (Malaysian Style)

Post Views: 613 Do you love chicken wings? Then you can’t resist this Malaysian style fried chicken wings. This is so yummy.. Surprise your family and friends with this simple Malaysian style fried chicken wings with only a few ingredients needed. Try Ayam Goreng (fried chicken in Malaysia) today! Fried Chicken Wings (Malaysian Style) INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS:… Continue reading Fried Chicken Wings (Malaysian Style)

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Chinese Fish Rolls Recipe

Post Views: 898 You can make these Chinese rolls too, it came out delicious. Don’t worry, it’s budget-friendly and with just a few ingredients needed. Honestly speaking, you can call it a staple because the ingredients needed are just basic like flour, potato, onion, oil, canned tuna (everyone should have this at home). I highly… Continue reading Chinese Fish Rolls Recipe

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Fish and Shrimp Croquette

Post Views: 1,046 Another Holiday special recipe you shouldn’t miss, Fish Cod and Shrimp Croquette. Best to partner with your favorite dipping’s like gravy, thousand islands or sour cream. So simple and yummy! Yield: 8 Fish and Shrimp Croquette INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: YOU MAY ALSO TRY OUR:

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Cochinillo Asado Recipe (Roasted Suckling Pig)

Post Views: 1,847 The Cochinillo is traditionally roasted in a domed shaped bread oven with aromatic burning herbs, wild oak, and pieces of cut vines. This makes the Cochinillo aromatically delicious. In our modern times, there are many ways to achieve this even without the traditional oven, it is easier and with the same flavor… Continue reading Cochinillo Asado Recipe (Roasted Suckling Pig)

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Turkish Milk Pudding Recipe

Post Views: 2,399 This Turkish Milk Pudding is truly an amazing dessert. Oh.. why didn’t I realize this sauce that we all know (just like Bechamel or Mornay) can be made into such an amazing dessert? This is so have to try it now, because that’s what I did the moment I learned the… Continue reading Turkish Milk Pudding Recipe

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Charcuterie Board Recipe Ideas and List

Post Views: 2,082 What is Charcuterie? Originally, Charcuterie is obtained from the french word “chair” which means “flesh” and “cuit” which means cooked. In the 15th Century France, Charcuterie refers to shops that sell salted, smoked or cured pork.  However, In this modern day and age of millennials, it became viral to the younger generation… Continue reading Charcuterie Board Recipe Ideas and List

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Herb Crusted Standing Rib Roast (For Oven or Grill)

Post Views: 1,349 This Herb-crusted Standing Rib Roast a.k.a Prime Rib is surely an all time favorite. It’s definitely delicious and easy to make. Absolutely wonderful to serve for your holiday feast or any family gathering.  Herb Crusted Standing Rib Roast (For Oven or Grill) Makes 6 to 8 servings  INGREDIENTS: (Notes: If using dried… Continue reading Herb Crusted Standing Rib Roast (For Oven or Grill)

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Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Roe Recipe

Post Views: 1,111 This breakfast is scrumptious and superb! Eggs Benedict made with smoked salmon, poached egg, hollandaise sauce, fresh-from-the-oven toasted bread and garnished with salmon roe. On the side fill it with a healthy leafy green salad with thin slices of zucchinis. Feel free to choose your favorite greens! Like you may substitute with… Continue reading Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Roe Recipe

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Pumpkin Pies Recipe (or Squash Pies)

Post Views: 1,347 Pumpkin pie, and its cousin squash pie, has milk and eggs in it, and needs to be baked at moderate heat, like a custard pie. As soon as the pumpkin filling is set, the pie is done.  If you bake it too much, or too quickly, the filling is likely to be… Continue reading Pumpkin Pies Recipe (or Squash Pies)

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Shrimp Orange (Chinese Style Recipe)

Post Views: 1,344 Another homemade Chinese food, you shouldn’t miss to try.. So delicious and spicy.. Shrimp on fire.. Sweet, orange flavored sauce and spicy shrimp. Shrimp Orange (Chinese Style Recipe) INGREDIENTS: 1 kilogram Shrimp 4 cups flour  1 tablespoon Salt  1 teaspoon of Pepper  1 tablespoon paprika 2 eggs  1 tablespoon milk Chinese hot… Continue reading Shrimp Orange (Chinese Style Recipe)

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Japanese Beef Tataki Recipe (Air-fryer)

Post Views: 1,035 In Japan, the word tataki has two definitions when talking about food. The first definition comes from the verb “tataku”, which literally means “to pound or hammer”. The second definition is used to describe fish or another meat that has been seared on the outside and left untouched/rare in the middle. Japanese… Continue reading Japanese Beef Tataki Recipe (Air-fryer)

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Beef Wellington Recipe

Post Views: 1,489 Beef Wellington is an exquisite English cuisine fit for the royals, imperials and dukes dating back as early as 1899. It is a steak or beef fillet enclosed with Duxelles enveloped with puff pastry, baked, and served with a Truffle or Madeira sauce. Primarily, it is assembled from using a “Center-cut” Tenderloin… Continue reading Beef Wellington Recipe

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Tandoori Chicken Recipe (Grilled)

Post Views: 1,792 Tandoori Chicken is an Indian Cuisine prepared by marinating the chicken in different types of Masalas and yogurt. It is juicy, smoky, and earthy in flavor tones. The marinated chicken is skewered and roasted in a “Tandoor”. It is a large cylindrical urn shaped clay oven which is heated by charcoal or… Continue reading Tandoori Chicken Recipe (Grilled)

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Pumpkin Soup with Bourbon Croutons Recipe

Post Views: 1,442 This is a great recipe for November and December. Must try for any cold weather.. It’s really yummmy! Squash is as good as pumpkin so feel free to substitute! But if you would like to use a pumpkin in can, you may purchase it here for Philippines. Pumpkin Soup with Bourbon Croutons… Continue reading Pumpkin Soup with Bourbon Croutons Recipe

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Czech Kolaches Recipe (Ceske Kolace)

Post Views: 1,641 These Czech Kolaches (Kolache in singular) are pastries made of a sweet yeast dough and usually filled with fruits, and sometimes cheese. The traditional flavors of Kolaches are poppy seed, apricot, prune and farmer’s cheese. These flavors can be traced back to the pastry’s Eastern European cuisines. Which also became Popular in… Continue reading Czech Kolaches Recipe (Ceske Kolace)

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Party Fruits and Veggie Ideas

Post Views: 1,631 We all enjoy gathering with friends and family for fun, laughs, and of course, food! Social gatherings sometimes offer few healthy choices, and you may be tempted to overeat in the company of others. Encourage others to eat a healthy diet by including a variety of fruits and vegetables at your next… Continue reading Party Fruits and Veggie Ideas

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Indonesian Floss Recipe (Serundèng)

Post Views: 3,900 How to make a floss? The rule of thumb is to grate it in thin threads, fry it to make it very crispy, drain oil and remove the moist thoroughly. You can use a microfiber towel or process it in modern way by using oven, or air fryer. An air fryer is… Continue reading Indonesian Floss Recipe (Serundèng)

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Cherry Vanilla Bourbon BBQ Ribs Recipe

Post Views: 2,337 These Barbeque ribs are so tasty and finger ‘lickin good. This recipe is perfect for the Holiday season and any special occasion… or anytime you crave for a sweet delicious barbecue sauce. Cherry is one of the best trio for bourbon and vanilla with a touch of salt to taste. Perfect! However… Continue reading Cherry Vanilla Bourbon BBQ Ribs Recipe

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Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe

Post Views: 2,660 Au Gratin Potatoes a.k.a Gratin Dauphiniose is an origin of traditional French dish, which is made of potatoes, garlic and cream since 1788. Aside from garlic, you may substitute or add other ingredients to level up the taste like adding some pimiento or even adding some chopped Bacon bits. Remember, you dont… Continue reading Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe

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Gambas al Ajillo Recipe

Post Views: 9,325 These appetizer are definitely a must have for any booze. These Gambas are very tasty and savory and a favorite in Spain for Tapas (hors d’oeuvres) with aperitif. So yummy! Gambas al Ajillo Recipe INGREDIENTS: 700g large shrimp Salt ½ cup olive oil 3 or 4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced lengthwise  Hot… Continue reading Gambas al Ajillo Recipe

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Easy Lake Tung Ting Shrimp

Post Views: 10,247 Do you remember Lake Tung Ting? Have you ever been to Chinese restaurants and wondered about the name of this recipe? This Lake Tung Ting Chinese Food should be very familiar to you, it has heavenly white shrimp, broccoli, snow peas, carrots and sometimes baby corn swimming in white translucent sauce. It… Continue reading Easy Lake Tung Ting Shrimp

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Fish and Mango Tacos Recipe

Post Views: 2,809 Are you in the mood for Mexican Tacos? Try this low carb diet recipe today. Quick and easy recipe for Filipino kitchen. Happy cooking! Fish and Mango Tacos Recipe INGREDIENTS: For Mango Salsa: 2 large ripe mangos, peeled, pitted and diced ¼ cup minced red bell pepper 1 tablespoon lime juice (lemon… Continue reading Fish and Mango Tacos Recipe

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Baked Ziti Recipe (Sbarro Style)

Post Views: 6,426 Close to perfect! Baked Ziti Copycat of Sbarro. Easy and yummier! Homemade is simply the best. Happy cooking! Servings: 2 Baked Ziti Recipe (Sbarro Style) INGREDIENTS: 200g ziti pasta  1 ½ cups spaghetti sauce (about 350g) 1 cup reduced-fat sour cream (alternatively greek yogurt or any plain yogurt) 1 cup vegetable broth 1… Continue reading Baked Ziti Recipe (Sbarro Style)

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Easy Kake Udon Recipe

Post Views: 4,458 Kake Udon is the primary form of hot udon noodle soup. It is made of udon noodles floating in a flavorful dashi based broth. This is cheaper compared to restaurant-made udon and you can prepare it anytime you want, especially in this cold weather. Kake Udon is very basic, just garnish the… Continue reading Easy Kake Udon Recipe

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Breakfast Quesadillas Recipe

Post Views: 4,749 These Breakfast Quesadillas are very quick and easy to make. It’s filled with scrambled eggs, red bell peppers and lots of cheese. Breakfast Quesadillas Recipe INGREDIENTS: 6 eggs 1 cup Cheese, shredded (cheddar and mozzarella or any) ¼ cup fresh milk, (or any kind) Salt and pepper, to taste ½ bell pepper,… Continue reading Breakfast Quesadillas Recipe