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Homemade Strawberry Bingsu Recipe

Post Views: 193 What is Bingsu? Bingsu (빙수) means “Shaved Ice” in Korean language. It is a Korean summer treat made of snowy shaved milky ice, topped with sliced fruits and other garnishes. This dessert is truly perfect for summer because it cools you off far more quickly than eating ice cream. Korean Bingsu is… Continue reading Homemade Strawberry Bingsu Recipe

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Korean BBQ Ribs with Mozzarella

Post Views: 1,566 These ribs are best for your soju nights or Netflix marathons with friends. Finger lickin good with cheesy and sticky mozzarella cheese sauce. So yummy! If you have a grill, you can also grill/bake these ribs as a final finishing. I love it with mixed veggies, but you may also serve it… Continue reading Korean BBQ Ribs with Mozzarella

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Simple Honey Butter Toast

Post Views: 896 Honey Butter Toast Bread….Good Morning! I hope you have a lovely weekend with the family! This simple Korean breakfast, it’s very easy to make. You can do exactly the same ingredients or recreate this idea to what is staple in your pantry.. That’s what I always do, most of the time specially… Continue reading Simple Honey Butter Toast

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Korean Scallion Salad (Pachae Muchim)

Post Views: 1,874 Scallion Salad a.k.a Pachae Muchim or Pa Muchim is one of the banchan/side dishes that’s commonly served in Korean cuisine. It’s very healthy and delicious! It’s a Korean ban chan that’s perfect for your Samgyupsal. What is Pachae Muchim? It means Seasoned Green onions or Scallions. In Korean, when julienned, they’re called… Continue reading Korean Scallion Salad (Pachae Muchim)

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Korean Tomato and Egg Spicy Noodles Recipe

Post Views: 3,660 If you have a package of any Instant Korean Spicy noodles or preferably Shin Ramyun here’s how you can reinvent these noodles into another interesting recipe. So yummy! Korean Tomato and Egg Spicy Noodles Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 Korean Instant Noodles, (Preferably Shin Ramyun) 550 ml Water (about 2 ½ cups) 2 large… Continue reading Korean Tomato and Egg Spicy Noodles Recipe