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Yakimeshi (Japanese Fried Rice)

Post Views: 17,790 Yakimeshi, which literally means “fried rice”, is another staple dish in Japan. It’s a rice dish that’s cooked using leftovers cold rice with eggs, veggies, meats or seafood. This is super yummy with all the Japanese seasoning! Yakimeshi (Japanese Fried Rice) INGREDIENTS:1 Tablespoon vegetable oil2 tbsp unsalted butter½ cup shrimp, chopped3 cloves… Continue reading Yakimeshi (Japanese Fried Rice)

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Takoyaki (Filipino Style)

Post Views: 29,651 If you like Takoyaki.. welcome to the club. I’m one of the fan of this Japanese appetizer/street food since childhood. In Japan, Takoyaki means octopus balls. It is a japanese soft-ball-shape snack made of a wheat flour-based batter, cooked in a takoyaki molded pan and drizzled with sauce, bonito flakes and dried… Continue reading Takoyaki (Filipino Style)

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Homemade Tonkatsu Sauce

Post Views: 4,959 Tonkatsu is a japanese sticky brown sauce made primarily of worcestershire sauce and other ingredients. Japanese Tonkatsu (Breaded Pork) is never complete without this sweet sticky sauce we love. Enjoy! HOMEMADE TONKATSU SAUCE INGREDIENTS:1 tablespoon ketchup2 ½ teaspoons Worcestershire sauce1 ½ teaspoon Oyster Sauce1 ⅛ teaspoon sugar INSTRUCTIONS:In a bowl, stir all… Continue reading Homemade Tonkatsu Sauce

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Hokkaido Milk Bread

Post Views: 16,123 These rolls are fluffy, pillowy soft Japanese Hokkaido style milk bread. Bake it today with this simple recipe. It’s a perfect make ahead bread because they stay soft for days! You gotta try these Japanese Milk Bread rolls. This method does not use the tangzhong roux method. If you live in Hokkaido,… Continue reading Hokkaido Milk Bread

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Chicken Teriyaki with Mushrooms

Post Views: 14,142 If you want an easy version and Filipino style Chicken Teriyaki. You got to try this simple and easy “lutong bahay” teriyaki style chicken using breast fillet. Its also good if you grill the chicken first or otherwise fry it. Both taste good either way. Happy cooking! Chicken Teriyaki with Mushrooms INGREDIENTS:… Continue reading Chicken Teriyaki with Mushrooms

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Post Views: 101,198 This Kani Mango Salad (Pinoy Style) includes a homemade dressing recipe just like the Kewpie Salad Dressing. Super yummy and delicious!! I love it when served cold. I hope you enjoy this delicious Japanese Style Salad in Filipino version. KANI MANGO SALAD RECIPE (with Homemade KEWPIE dressing) INGREDIENTS: For Dressing:6 tablespoon Japanese… Continue reading KANI MANGO SALAD

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Post Views: 32,060 These Teriyaki Salmon is a quick and simple meal if you’re on the go and busy. The recipe takes about less than 30 minutes to cook. Delicious and simply the best in taste! If griller is not available just pan sear the salmon in a non stick pan. Happy cooking! TERIYAKI SALMON… Continue reading TERIYAKI SALMON

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Post Views: 40,538 This Japanese Style Cream Stew is colorful and pretty a nice soup for a cold weather or a rainy day. Try it for breakfast paired with your favorite toasted bread or slices of French bread. If you want more ingredients, you may add chop celery rib and some slices of mushrooms. That’s… Continue reading JAPANESE STYLE CREAM STEW

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Japanese Shoyu Ramen Style

Post Views: 27,589 This is a simple style of a Japanese Shoyu Ramen and inspired from the original. Because most of us may not have an easy access to Japanese ingredients. This recipe is simplified to what most Filipinos can afford or what is commonly available in our groceries. You may find some of these… Continue reading Japanese Shoyu Ramen Style

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Chaliapin Steak DON – Shokugeki no Soma

Post Views: 12,053 For some of you who are a fandom of animè and manga comics you might have read this dish which is an original Japanese steak recipe since 1936. In the Manga comics (Chapter 13), “this dish is exclusively made by Sōma combined with the Japanese original dish, the Chaliapin Steak and the donburi concept… Continue reading Chaliapin Steak DON – Shokugeki no Soma

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Post Views: 29,209 This Japanese Chicken Curry is another favorite recipe you must try! It’s chicken curry with a slight twist of Japanese curry powder, apple, honey and soy. It’s a tempting, tasty new twist in a chicken curry. Note: For Japanese curry powder: you can buy it in major groceries in Metro Manila. Just… Continue reading JAPANESE CHICKEN CURRY

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Japanese Kaki Fry Recipe (Deep fried Oyster)

Post Views: 24,376 This Japanese Kaki Fry Recipe (Deep fried Oyster) is like a golden oyster nuggets, crunchy on the outside and succulent on the inside. While others will describe it as simple as a breaded large oysters, deep fried in oil. With a final caption of “Crazy delicious!” You can’t go wrong with Japanese!… Continue reading Japanese Kaki Fry Recipe (Deep fried Oyster)

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Post Views: 33,502 This Holiday season, prepare some Japanese infusions for your menu. Japanese food is well respected when it comes to culinary art. For me, the classics are always the best way to go for the Holiday season. I love Maki Rolls and I’ll never exchange it for the reinvented recipe of sushi bake.… Continue reading CALIFORNIA MAKI RECIPE

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Japanese Melon Pan

Post Views: 16,859 Japanese Melon pan is a Japanese pastry dessert. Crunchy on the outside and soft in the yummy! It’s as good as you can imagine it could be. You can slice it in the center and sandwich with a some matcha, vanilla or chocolate ice cream and drizzle with your favorite condensed… Continue reading Japanese Melon Pan

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Gyoza Recipe (Pinoy Style)

Post Views: 31,130 Gyoza Recipe Pinoy Style (Japanese Pan-fried Dumplings). Super crazy delicious when crispy fried. You may use chili garlic sauce and still turns out mouth watering. Alternatively you may also steam the other batch. Happy cooking and enjoy! Cook’s Notes: – Instead of Ponzu dipping sauce, you may use Pinoy chili garlic sauce.… Continue reading Gyoza Recipe (Pinoy Style)

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Matcha Cake with Kitkat

Post Views: 11,203 If you have an extra sponge cake sitting in your fridge or pantry. You gotta try this simple Matcha Cake for an afternoon tea and snack. Its a layer sponge cake, Mascaporne with Kitkat drizzled with Matcha. Though this dessert is just a small serving, you can double this recipe in the… Continue reading Matcha Cake with Kitkat

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Tonkatsu Recipe

Post Views: 59,024   How to cook the best tonkatsu ever at home? Try this Tonkatsu recipe, its fried to perfection.. soft in the inside but crispy-liscious outside. This is a quick and easy recipe with Tonkatsu sauce recipe or melted cheddar cheese on top. Happy cooking!  Alternatively, you may also use chicken breast fillet… Continue reading Tonkatsu Recipe

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Kasutera (Japanese Sponge Cake)

Post Views: 13,864 Ingredients 6 large eggs at room temperature 1 cup sugar 1 cup plus 2 1/2 tablespoons bread flour 6 tablespoons honey 3 tablespoons warm water Instructions: Coat two 7 1/2″x3 1/2″ bread loaf pans with cooking spray, then line with parchment paper. Place the eggs in a mixing bowl and whisk vigorously… Continue reading Kasutera (Japanese Sponge Cake)

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Chicken Teriyaki

Post Views: 43,402 Start your week off with this easy delicious Chicken Teriyaki with rice and with matching fresh vegetable salad on the side. Happy cooking! Chicken Teriyaki INGREDIENTS: 1/2 kilo chicken breast, deboned 2/3 cup teriyaki sauce (Kikkoman) 1 tbsp. sugar 1 tbsp. cornstarch (dissolved in a few tbsp. water) cooking oil 1 tsp… Continue reading Chicken Teriyaki

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Post Views: 37,094 Gyūdon, or sometimes called gyūmeshi, is a Japanese comfort dish rice bowl topped with thin slices of beef, onions simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavored with dashi stock, soy sauce and mirin. Best serve with egg toppings, onion leaves or any side dish like sweet corn. BEEF GYUDON INGREDIENTS: 1⁄2 kg.… Continue reading BEEF GYUDON

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Post Views: 57,153 Japanese Miso soup (misoshiru) is a traditional Japanese soup consisting of a stock called “dashi”, infused with the flavor of miso paste with cubes of soft tofu and softened dried wakame seaweed. Dashi is a stock whose main ingredients are kombu (dried kelp) and katsuobushi (dried and smoked bonito). Westerners have modified… Continue reading JAPANESE MISO SOUP

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Fish Teriyaki

Post Views: 13,752 Short bodied mackerel, we call “hasa-hasa” is perfect for this Asian-inspired teriyaki dish. This recipe is inspired from a Japanese restaurant. From a sampling of their “teriyaki yellowtail collar” that is so delicious and unforgettable. This recipe is a sauce and glaze applied to a mackerel with the same delightful results. Fish… Continue reading Fish Teriyaki

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Beef Teppanyaki

Post Views: 17,390 Teppanyaki means cooked in sizzling plate. Another Japanese cuisine that’s easy and quick to cook..yummmm! Ingredients: 600g rib eye or any high grade beef preferred 4 tbsp toasted garlic soy bean oil black pepper 1 tbsp sesame oil salt Mama’s Guide Method: 1. Season beef with salt and freshly ground pepper and… Continue reading Beef Teppanyaki

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Shrimp Tempura Recipe

Post Views: 140,631 The secret to making a delicious shrimp tempura isn’t the shrimp. It’s the tempura batter. It needs to be icy cold, so make sure to place the beaten egg on a stainless bowl and place a bowl of ice cubes underneath to keep the cold temperature of the batter. The cold batter… Continue reading Shrimp Tempura Recipe

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Post Views: 40,434 Shabu-shabu is a Japanese hotpot dish with thin sliced meat and boiled veggies in water and served with delicious dipping sauces. The word “shabu shabu” was derived from the sound emitted while cooking the soup and veggies are stirred in the cooking pot. The ingredients are cooked piece by piece beside the… Continue reading SHABU SHABU RECIPE

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Post Views: 47,011 You can also fry spam with shoyu and sugar and a little bit of mirin or teriyaki sauce. This spam musubi version is simple and tasty using oyster sauce and sugar. Delicious even if you can’t find any mirin or shoyu. There are plenty of varieties too, you can add scrambled eggs… Continue reading HOW TO MAKE SPAM MUSUBI