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Lumpiang Sotanghon (Vietnamese Style)

Loading… Fried to crispy to perfection, absolutely delish with matching spiced vinegar dip. Or you may also dip it in sweet and sour sauce, whichever way you want it. Just perfect! Lumpiang Sotanghon (Vietnamese Style) INGREDIENTS: 2 cups sotanghon noodles, soaked in water then drained1 cup bean sprouts/togue1 tbsp cooking oil3 cloves garlic, minced1 pc… Continue reading Lumpiang Sotanghon (Vietnamese Style)

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Loading… Lumpiang shanghai with Bacon Bits (Pork Spring Rolls) is a common dish to any Filipino gathering. It is a favorite Filipino finger food or appetizer for most locals here in the Philippines. There are many variance nowadays for these Lumpiang shanghai fillings: Cheesy lumpiang shanghai, Chicken lumpiang shanghai, tuna lumpiang shanghai, longganisang lumpiang shanghai,… Continue reading LUMPIANG SHANGHAI WITH BACON BITS

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Chicken and Cream Cheese Lumpia (Spring Rolls)

Loading… These chicken and cream cheese lumpia (spring rolls) are definitely awesome. Imagine.. chicken flakes with minced vegetables and has a very light touch of cream cheese wrapped and fried in a crispy wrapper. It’s heavenly delicious! Chicken and Cream Cheese Lumpia (Spring Rolls) INGREDIENTS:  Spring Roll Wrapper (150mm x 150mm) Vegetable oil for frying… Continue reading Chicken and Cream Cheese Lumpia (Spring Rolls)

Lumpia/Spring Rolls

Kalabasa Shanghai (Squash Spring Rolls)

Loading… Kalabasa Shanghai (Squash Spring Rolls) If you’re thinking of something to cook for the Lenten season or looking for something worth of your budget. Squash Shanghai is the best recipe you can try. It’s healthy too for any picky eater in the house.  Happy cooking and enjoy! Squash Shanghai (Kalabasa Spring Rolls) Ingredients: 1/4… Continue reading Kalabasa Shanghai (Squash Spring Rolls)

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Loading… Tuna Dynamite recipe is another variance for the famous cheese dynamite that became a craze for everyone. Its spicy and its bursting in spicy and crispy cheese. Here’s the newest version, Tuna Dynamite recipe, stuffed with Tuna flakes. Absolutely delish too. You can choose any variance of Tuna Flakes in can, like the Menudo,… Continue reading TUNA DYNAMITE RECIPE

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Tuna Flakes Lumpia (Spring Rolls Recipe)

Loading… Try it today Tuna Flakes Lumpia. Since, the holiday season is officially over. Let’s go back now to our normal daily lives. Let’s all start working on for this year, to be another fruitful, and meaningful year. After lavishly spending for the holidays, its time to start saving money for the next celebration of this… Continue reading Tuna Flakes Lumpia (Spring Rolls Recipe)

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Loading… Ingredients: 2 pounds large to jumbo shrimp 1 lemon (juice) pepper salt to taste 1 16 ounce package spring roll wrappers 1 egg white, beaten 1 quart vegetable oil for frying Instructions: Clean and peel off the shells but leave the tail and devein each shrimp. Season with lemon, pepper and salt in a… Continue reading SHRIMP LUMPIA

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Lumpiang Gulay

Loading… Try this Lumpiang Gulay.. It’s easy to make, crispy and delicious with vinegar dipping sauce. Remember the secret to a long lasting crispy lumpia is not soggy. So dont put too much filling, and if you want it extra crispy, you can double the wrapper. Its better to use a good brand of lumpia… Continue reading Lumpiang Gulay

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Crispy Lumpiang Gulay at Togue

Loading… Vegetable and mung bean sprouts spring rolls or lumpiang gulay at togue is another great accompaniment for lugaw or goto. It is a Filipino vegetable roll that is serve with spiced vinegar. Yummmy!  So what is the secret in crispy lumpiang gulay? If there is too much filling in the roll it turn soggy… Continue reading Crispy Lumpiang Gulay at Togue

Lumpia/Spring Rolls

Tinapang Lumpia (Smoked Fish Spring Roll)

These Tinapang Lumpia or Lumpiang Isda are so yummy with the flavors of smoked bangus and wansoy. Delicious fish lumpia..guilt free! If you’re living abroad, you can make you’re own  Homemade Tinapa. Preparation time: 30 minutes; Cooking time: 30 minutes; Serves: 4-6 Ingredients: 2 pcs tinapang bangus, finely shredded (remove fish bones) 2 medium onion, minced… Continue reading Tinapang Lumpia (Smoked Fish Spring Roll)

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How to make Lumpiang Shanghai

How to make Lumpiang Shanghai INGREDIENTS: For the filling: 1 1/2 pounds of ground pork 1 whole carrot, finely diced 1 medium onion, finely diced 6 pieces green onions/ scallions, finely sliced 1 egg, beaten 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper For Lumpia wrapping: 1 egg white, beaten 1/2 cup flour 1 cup cooking… Continue reading How to make Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpia/Spring Rolls

Ham and Cheese Lumpia

Ham and Cheese Lumpia INGREDIENTS: 10 pcs lumpia wrappers (spring rolls) 10 slices ham (pineapple ham) 20 slices of cheese,  slice into sticks (cheddar cheese) oil for frying INSTRUCTIONS: Slice and divide your bundle of lumpia wrapper in the center ( to get half circle and yield 20 pcs wrappers). Set aside slice your 10… Continue reading Ham and Cheese Lumpia

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Crispy Lumpiang Shanghai

What is the secret to a crispy lumpiang shanghai? The answer is just really basic. You need to deep fry the lumpia in a very hot oil and adjust heat as necessary so it doesn’t burn. For the wrapper, check the quality of your wrapper. You can double the wrapper if its too thin (to… Continue reading Crispy Lumpiang Shanghai

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Homemade Lumpiang Sariwa, Lumpia Wrapper and Special Lumpia Sauce

Are you craving for fresh lumpia like the one in Goldilocks? This recipe is an all time favorite classic Filipino Fresh Lumpia recipe with special sauce and wrapper recipe. Do it your own at home all in one recipe! Yummmy!!  Fresh Lumpia with Sauce and Wrapper Recipe INGREDIENTS: Filling: 2 cups ubod or (alternatively sweet… Continue reading Homemade Lumpiang Sariwa, Lumpia Wrapper and Special Lumpia Sauce

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Cheesy Lumpiang Puso ng Saging

Yummy, healthy and delicious Spring Rolls made from the heart of banana blossoms. Simple vegetable recipe with a cheesy take. Its budget-friendly and healthy too. Happy cooking!  Cheesy Lumpiang Puso ng Saging INGREDIENTS: (roughly making 4 cups Cheesy Puso ng Saging Lumpia) 1-2 puso ng saging (roughly making 4 cups when chopped),1 white onion (thinly… Continue reading Cheesy Lumpiang Puso ng Saging

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Ngohiong (Cebu’s Lumpia)

You can’t leave Cebu without trying these all time favorite fried crunchylicious spring roll, Ngohiong! Ngohiong or “Ngoyong” is a local lumpia delicacy in Cebu. Everybody just love these lumpia and is almost sold anywhere in the busy streets of Cebu with matching Puso. (Rice wrapped in leaves). Don’t forget the sauce, because this is… Continue reading Ngohiong (Cebu’s Lumpia)

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Buko Lumpiang Shanghai!

The favorite part at any Filipino Party table – Lumpiang Shanghai. This Lumpia recipe has a  twist and with only 2 main ingredients. Have you ever tried the shredded coconut meat (buko) with crabstick in a lumpia? Try it today, it is simple and budget friendly, specially if you have a coconut tree in the… Continue reading Buko Lumpiang Shanghai!