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Balbacua Recipe

Post Views: 4,184 Balbacua Soup or in English you may call it as “Ox tail and Beef Rind Soup”. The meat is incredibly delicate and the skin is gelatinous, and the soup has a velvety texture and great flavor. It’s really yummy! This Cebuano dish was long ago passed down from the Spaniards. However, in… Continue reading Balbacua Recipe

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Goto Special

Post Views: 5,371 Goto Special, Beef Goto or Beef Lugaw Recipe, Rice Porridge with Beef Tripe, this recipe is so simple but yummy! Also with Easy Tokwa’t Baboy Recipe below. No matter what the season is, Lugaw is always delicious and the best choice, especially with tender beef tripe! You have the option to add… Continue reading Goto Special

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Black Mutton Curry Recipe

Post Views: 5,261 Are you in the mood to try the spicy Black Mutton Curry? You can try this traditional Maharashtrian Mutton. Here’s the step-by-step recipe for you with all tips & tricks to make this special Black Mutton Curry special. Black Mutton Curry Recipe INGREDIENTS: For Roasted Masala Powder: 2 Bay leaves 6 Dry… Continue reading Black Mutton Curry Recipe

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Pinoy Patotin Recipe

Post Views: 27,687 Iloilo’s favorite duck recipe, Pinoy Patotin Recipe or Braised Duck. Taste like Pato Hamonado. Can also use itik or chicken. Super yummy and tasty and great for special occasion or holiday feast. Happy cooking! Pinoy Patotin Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 whole duck, dressed 1 liter coke/or sprite ½ cup brown sugar 2 tablespoons… Continue reading Pinoy Patotin Recipe

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Post Views: 36,168 Adobong Isaw ng Baboy or pork intestine cooked in adobo sauce until it becomes very tender. A friendly reminder that this recipe is very high in uric acid. Please eat in moderation. Best serve for “pulutan” or appetizer. Happy cooking! ADOBONG ISAW NG BABOY INGREDIENTS: ½ kilogram pork isaw, cleaned well5 cloves… Continue reading ADOBONG ISAW NG BABOY