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Lucban Quezon Longganisa

Loading… Lucban Quezon Longganisa is a very in-demand garlicky sausage that came from the town of Lucban in Quezon Province. You could see locals making it and displayed in many parts of the town when you visit Lucban, Quezon. These sausage is so delicious because of the herbs and spices. Make your own today. Lucban… Continue reading Lucban Quezon Longganisa

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Loading… Everlasting of Marikina is very much alike to Hardinera of Quezon. “Story says, that this recipe is a menudo variant that became so ubiquitous in Marikina roadside stalls that when offered to diners, they balked. While some story says the name came from Chinese merchants. Like the everlasting flower, it is also always on… Continue reading EVERLASTING RECIPE OF MARIKINA

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Sweet Longganisa (Pampanga Style)

Loading… Ingredients: 1 pound ground pork shoulder 6 cloves of garlic, crushed 1 tablespoon vinegar 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon ground black pepper 1 tablespoon achuete oil, more if making skinless sausages hog casing, optional canola oil, for pan-frying Instructions: In a large bowl, mix all ingredients except for the hog… Continue reading Sweet Longganisa (Pampanga Style)

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Loading… Special Embutido for special occasion. This embutido recipe is not the regular recipe you’ll find in google search. Mama’s guide recipes are always specially made. Ingredients: 1 kilo ground pork 1 1/2 cups bread crumbs or panko 1 cup milk 1 cup chopped carrots 1 cup chopped ham 1 cup onion (grated) 1 cloves… Continue reading SPECIAL EMBUTIDO

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Cheesy Meatloaf

Loading… Make your own meatloaf and make it cheesy special with our secret ingredient – quezo de bola! Save this recipe for special  occasions, or go ahead and get cooking today! Cheesy Meatloaf Recipe Ingredients: 250 grams ground beef 250 grams ground pork 1 small bell pepper 1 small carrot 2 small red onions 1… Continue reading Cheesy Meatloaf

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Loading… Longganisang Tuguegarao is somewhat similar to Vigan longanisa. It is tangy, salty, garlicky, and cooked on its own rendered fat. Other’s may call it Longganisang Ybanag, but base on my research it is more known as Longganisang Tuguegarao. While, locals would even call Tuguegarao as the city of Garlic longganisa. Other retailers sell it… Continue reading LONGANISANG TUGUEGARAO

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Garlic-Smoky Longganisa

Loading… Start a better day with a sumptuous meal and delicious servings of Garlic-Smoky Longganisa! Try this recipe to learn how to cook your own from ingredients right in your kitchen. Just an update on why it becomes smoky even without the traditional process of smoking it from woods. Of course you can have it… Continue reading Garlic-Smoky Longganisa

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Homemade Chicken and Spinach Sausage

YIELD: 8 sausage Links Ingredients: 4 1⁄2 lbs chicken thighs 7 -10 ounces fresh spinach (1 bag) 5 teaspoons salt 2 teaspoons ground black pepper 2 teaspoons dried sage 1 teaspoon dried thyme 4 garlic cloves   Notes: you can also add feta cheese for an add on cheesier take. Instructions: De-bone chicken thighs, leave… Continue reading Homemade Chicken and Spinach Sausage

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Skinless Chicken Longganisa

Ingredients: 1 kilo ground chicken breast 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder salt and pepper to taste 1 head garlic, crushed and finely minced 2 tsp. sweet tomato sauce 2-3 stalk kinchay, (chinese parsley),finely chopped 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp. sugar 1 1/2 tbsp corn starch cooking oil Instructions: Mix all ingredients. Put in a… Continue reading Skinless Chicken Longganisa

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Embutido Recipe

  Ingredients 2 lbs ground pork 12 pcs vienna sausage or 6 pcs hotdogs, cut in half lengthwise 3 pcs hard boiled eggs, sliced 1/2 cup sweet pickle relish 1/2 cup tomato sauce 2 pcs raw eggs 2 cups cheddar cheese, grated 1 cup red bell pepper, minced 1 cup green bell pepper, minced 1… Continue reading Embutido Recipe