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The Dublin Iced Coffee Recipe

Post Views: 1,320 Real coffee lovers, drink it iced. Gotta try this one…Iced Cold Brew Coffee with a hint of Irish. Extremely delicious! The Dublin Iced Coffee INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: In a highball glass, stir the coffee, stout, whiskey and syrup. Add ice to fill. Pour the cream slowly over the top, a little bit higher… Continue reading The Dublin Iced Coffee Recipe

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Coffee Ice Cubes with Milk

Post Views: 1,023 This recipe is a blend of hot and cold concoction as you take a slurp of the creamy milk..with melting coffee in it. It’s somehow a solace type of beverage. When the ice cubes melt with the hot milk.. gradually feel the strength of coffee as it combines with milk. So fun… Continue reading Coffee Ice Cubes with Milk

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Café Mocha Recipe (Mochaccino)

Post Views: 2,303 What is Café Mocha? It is a chocolate-flavored variant of a Cafè Latté and also known as Mochaccino. Cafe Mocha is made with espresso, hot milk and chocolate. Chocolate is added into the coffee, typically in the form of sweet cocoa powder, although many varieties use chocolate syrup or even chocolate shavings.… Continue reading Café Mocha Recipe (Mochaccino)

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Blueberries Smoothies Recipe

Post Views: 984 Blueberry Smoothies, Oh my super yummy! Recipe and Healthy Benefits of Blueberries Are frozen berries as healthy as fresh berries? “Studies conducted at the South Dakota State University show that freezing blueberries makes their powerful antioxidants more available to the human body. This is because anthocyanins, the antioxidant compounds that make blueberries… Continue reading Blueberries Smoothies Recipe

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How to make a Cucumber Water

Post Views: 6,513 CAN I DRINK CUCUMBER WATER EVERYDAY? Cucumber water is really a HYDRATING drink. It is easy to make, and the family can enjoy it at any time. It has numerous health benefits: Weight loss Lowering blood pressure Helping bone health Improving skin health Cucumber Water Recipe INGREDIENTS: 2 Fresh Cucumber (+ more)… Continue reading How to make a Cucumber Water

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Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipe

Post Views: 3,076 If you have never imagined drinking a coffee with egg, well you need to go to Vietnam.. Or might as well try it at the leisure of your own home. This Vietnamese Egg Coffee, tastes like tiramisu, the fat and fragrant egg-scented layer and the light bitter coffee blended so nicely. When… Continue reading Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipe

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Papaya Milk and Tapioca Recipe

Post Views: 2,200 Did you know that eating Papaya Milk may help you increase breast size according to PharmEasy Vlog reviewed by “PharmEasy Doctor Panel”. Your breasts are completely made of fat. So, Ingestion of whole milk products that are rich in fat can increase breast size. Papaya mixed with milk increases breast size. But,… Continue reading Papaya Milk and Tapioca Recipe

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Avocado with Coconut Cream Recipe

Post Views: 2,385 Avocado Season is here! Lets make some healthy dessert using Coconut Cream! So yummy and good..try it today! Avocado with Coconut Cream INGREDIENTS: 4 medium size fresh avocado, ripe 400g Avocado Cream ¼ to ½ can Condensed Milk (300ml/can) INSTRUCTIONS: Chill all the ingredients in the fridge. Sliced the avocado in diamond… Continue reading Avocado with Coconut Cream Recipe

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Banana Smoothie Recipe (9 Reasons to make one each day)

Post Views: 5,707 9 Reasons to Make One Banana Smoothie in a day Rich in minerals and vitamins like potassium, calcium and magnesium. A source of healthy calories, fibre, and protein Works as an energy booster because it is high in complex carbohydrates which gives our body a good supply of glucose. Can help you… Continue reading Banana Smoothie Recipe (9 Reasons to make one each day)

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How to Make Rose Tea

Post Views: 1,234 Rose petal tea is really good after a long day of work. Because it really aids relaxation and better goodnight sleep. Benefits of Rose Water Tea Boost Immunity Skin health May help cure sore throat May relieve Menstrual discomfort Improves sleep Boost digestion Help in weight loss Rose Tea Recipe INGREDIENTS: 4-5… Continue reading How to Make Rose Tea

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Filipino Iced Tea Recipe

Post Views: 4,459 Filipino Iced Tea Recipe INGREDIENTS: For Tea Concentrate: 4 tea bags 5 cups of water, plus 3 more cups for the simple syrup 1 cup of sugar 1 ¼ cups of packed light or dark, brown sugar 2 fresh Lemon, sliced (Limes or even Calamansi) slices for garnish Mint sprigs for garnish… Continue reading Filipino Iced Tea Recipe

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Kitkat Smoothie Recipe

Post Views: 7,044 Are you a Chocolate lover? Try this super yummy KitKat milkshake smoothie. Its creamy, chocolatey and made of Filipino style ingredients. So it’s easy to make! Servings: 3-4 Kitkat Smoothie Recipe INGREDIENTS: 2-3 teaspoon Hershey’s chocolate syrup (or Nutella spread) 1-2 packs KitKat 1 (250ml) Nestle All purpose cream, chilled 1 cup… Continue reading Kitkat Smoothie Recipe

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Iced Brown Sugar Latte Recipe

Post Views: 7,953 Brown sugar has a good toast caramel or toffee like flavor. It’s a pretty good option to use as a sweetener if you like to add a hint of flavor to your drink. A hot brown sugar latte is one of the usual classic drinks we have at home. But we can… Continue reading Iced Brown Sugar Latte Recipe

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Lemon and Strawberry Iced Tea

Post Views: 9,175 Homemade Fresh Iced Tea with Lemons and Strawberry. Quick and Easy Iced Tea that is freshly made is way better than any powder. Truly refreshing. Servings: 4 Lemon and Strawberry Iced Tea INGREDIENTS: 1 liter of water 2 bags of black tea (or any tea) the juice of 1 lemon 6 teaspoons… Continue reading Lemon and Strawberry Iced Tea

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Yogurt Parfait Recipe (For Breakfast)

Post Views: 6,527 Yogurt Parfait Recipe (For Breakfast) INGREDIENTS: 2 cups nonfat plain yogurt 3 tablespoons honey or agave syrup 1 ½ teaspoons pure vanilla extract 2 cups fresh mango cubes, pitted strawberry, and blueberries (reserve some fresh fruit garnish) ¼ cup granola or rolled oats or ½ teaspoon sugar INSTRUCTIONS: In a large bowl… Continue reading Yogurt Parfait Recipe (For Breakfast)

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Four Seasons Juice Recipe (Filipino Style)

Post Views: 10,826 Four Seasons Juice Recipe (Filipino Style) INGREDIENTS: 1 cup pineapple juice 1 cup mango juice 1 cup dalandan juice 1 cup guyabano juice sugar or honey to taste ice cubes INGREDIENTS: In a pitcher, mix all ingredients. Add in ice cubes and let it chill. Serve it chilled and enjoy! YOU MAY… Continue reading Four Seasons Juice Recipe (Filipino Style)

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Mango Smoothie Pleasure

Post Views: 24,381 This Mango Smoothie Pleasure is so delicious specially if you choose the sweetest mango available. Ultimate pleasure you can make now that summer is back. Remember, you may always substitute coconut milk below with any: yogurt, or vanilla ice cream, or almond milk or any fresh milk you like. Make the Mango… Continue reading Mango Smoothie Pleasure

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Malunggay Juice Recipe

Post Views: 29,401 Make your own fresh malunggay juice, its healthy, nutritious and claimed by experts as the most healthy vegetable on our planet. Its superfood! Also, this is my father’s weekly juice, which helps him maintain his low blood pressure and prevent him from having diabetes. Watch Malunggay Juice Recipe Video: Malunggay Juice Recipe… Continue reading Malunggay Juice Recipe

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Old Beverage Recipe Collections

Post Views: 5,469 OLD BEVERAGE RECIPE COLLECTIONS Party fruit punch, hot chocolate, teas, and fresh fruit beverages, you can make not only for everyday but also for Holidays, party or special occasions. I have found a good old recipe collections which I am so amazed and made me read it until I fell asleep.. The… Continue reading Old Beverage Recipe Collections

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Strawberry Jelly Ice Cream

Post Views: 6,977 This Jelly Strawberry Ice Cream is so delicious, the sour cream just kinda meld with everything else and tasted really well with the condensed. It’s very light and not too creamy. I just love how it tasted. Try it today, it’s very easy to make. Servings: 2 Strawberry Jelly Ice Cream INGREDIENTS:For… Continue reading Strawberry Jelly Ice Cream

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Tanglad Juice Recipe (Lemongrass)

Post Views: 55,500 Bago gumawa ng Tanglad Juice alamin natin ang mga benepisyo or gamit ng Tanglad sa araw-araw. Alam mo ba? Ang pag-inom palagi ng pina-kuluang tanglad (lemongrass) ay nakakalinis ng atay (liver) at bato (kidney). It can also lower your blood sugar if you have diabetes. Nagtataglay din ito ng orientin, chlorogenic acid,… Continue reading Tanglad Juice Recipe (Lemongrass)

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Pumpkin Spice Latte

Post Views: 8,105 Make your own natural Pumpkin Spice Latte at home.. its the real deal. It’s healthy and the tastiest Pumpkin spice latte you’ll ever make. Enjoy! Watch Now: Pumpkin Spice Latte and How to make a Latte Art Coffee Pumpkin Spice Latte INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: What milk is used for coffee art? Whole milk… Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Latte

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Thai Iced Coffee Sensation

Post Views: 34,661 This Thai Iced Coffee is a must try… You can use any coffee but if you want it truly thai, you can purchase Thai coffee mix in Shopee or Lazada or online markets under the label “Thai Coffee Mix, or Oliang Powder, Chatramue Thai Mixed Coffee.” THAI ICED COFFEE SENSATION INGREDIENTS:50 Grams… Continue reading Thai Iced Coffee Sensation

Ice Cream

Custard Ice Cream

Post Views: 18,695 Enjoy this rich creamy homemade custard ice cream at your home. This is so easy to make and it doesn’t need any ice cream maker. All you need is a hand mixer (alternatively a food processor or a blender) whichever is available for you to use.  For this recipe, I used whipped… Continue reading Custard Ice Cream

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Dalgona Coffee

Post Views: 53,317 A new type of coffee, called Dalgona, is sweeping the Internet. Treat yourself to this spin of Classic Indian Coffee. Its easy to make and delicious! Dalgona is not just for drinks.. You can also use this to glaze your bread, cakes and pastry (just remove the liquid part) . Enjoy! DALGONA… Continue reading Dalgona Coffee

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Pink Strawberry Lemonade

Post Views: 9,391 This Pink Strawberry Lemonade recipe is made from scratch, totally delicious. I used the most simple ingredients available in my kitchen. So refreshingly good for the summer.  Pink Strawberry Lemonade INGREDIENTS: 1 cup Water1 cup Sugar½ cup of Lemon juice5 cups of Water2 ½ cups of Ice10-12 fresh strawberries or (Frozen) INSTRUCTIONS:… Continue reading Pink Strawberry Lemonade

Ice Candy

Melon Ice Candy Recipe

Post Views: 42,200 Fresh Milky Melon Ice Candy you can make for summer. Simple and classic recipe we love. No cornstarch, just fresh fruit and milk. Melon Ice Candy INGREDIENTS: 1 large cantaloupe / melon, shredded 2 cans evaporated milk 4 cups water 2 cups sugar ice candy plastic bags INSTRUCTIONS: Mix everything in a… Continue reading Melon Ice Candy Recipe

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Post Views: 185,560 This Mango Jelly Tapioca is a very affordable salad/drink. You can make it for small food business in your neighborhood or simply just as a special treat for the kids. Start selling your jelly bottle drinks and earn extra bucks to help family expenses. Why not.. its delicious and quick to make!… Continue reading MANGO JELLY TAPIOCA

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Melonade Juice

Post Views: 59,889 Still having a warm weather? This thirst quencher Melonade Juice recipe (Melon + Lemons) is for cookouts, family gatherings, vacations, and poolside menus. One of my favorite drinks to make in this kind of days is a fresh squeezed Melonade! It’s a cross between hand-squeezed lemonade and fresh melon. Here’s the recipe!… Continue reading Melonade Juice

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Post Views: 37,767 Summer’s not over yet with our Chocolate Milkshake with Black Pearls! Let us help you on how to make a yummy chocolate milkshake in bottles. This recipe is super easy to make, you can start it at home for a small business venture and earn an extra income. You can make this… Continue reading CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE WITH BLACK PEARLS