Mussels a la Mariniere (Mussels in White Wine)

Loading… “I so happened to have a box of frozen New Zealand greenshell mussels on the half shell and a bottle of white wine that I decided to make one of my favorite mussel dish. You can also use the fresh kind but I found them both to have the same delicious result.” Ingredients: 40-50… Continue reading Mussels a la Mariniere (Mussels in White Wine)


Ginataang Hipon, Kalabasa at Sitaw

Loading… Ingredients: 500 grams cleaned shrimp 3 tablespoons cooking oil 3 cloves crushed garlic 1 medium sliced onion 8-10 strings beans (sitaw), cut into 2 inches length 2 cups cubed kalabasa (squash) 2 cups coconut milk 2 tablespoons bagoong alamang (shrimp paste) Salt and pepper to taste Procedure: 1. Heat up a pan then pour-in… Continue reading Ginataang Hipon, Kalabasa at Sitaw

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Sinigang na Hipon

Loading… How sour do you want your Sinigang na Hipon? For some who doesn’t prefer to use Sinigang Mix, you can cook Sinigang without Sinigang mix. Make your own fresh souring agent like Calamansi or cook with lots of tomatoes and a thumb of ginger. We all know ideally, the traditional way of cooking sinigang is… Continue reading Sinigang na Hipon


How to cook Tinolang Tahong

Loading… Ingredients: 500g tahong, cleaned 2 tablespoons cooking oil 2 cups petchay 2 tablespoons ginger, julienned 1 medium onion, sliced 5 cloves garlic, pounded 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 3 cups water Procedure: 1. Heat a cooking pot and pour cooking oil. 2. Saute garlic and onion for a minute. 3.… Continue reading How to cook Tinolang Tahong

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Halabos na Hipon

Loading… Here’s a simple yet delicious recipe of Halabos na Hipon: Ingredients 3/4 kilo shrimps 1 500-ml bottle 7-Up (or Sprite) Salt 1/2 cup water (adjust) Dipping Sauce: 2 tbsp Vinegar 1/2 tsp Salt Siling Labuyo / Chili (optional) garlic, minced Instructions: Clean and trim the shrimps. Use scissors to cut excess parts (antennae, legs,etc)… Continue reading Halabos na Hipon

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Camaron Rebosado Recipe

Loading… Camaron rebosado recipe or rebosadonig hipon is the Filipino version of Japanese Tempura. Bit for me, nothing beats our own pinoy recipe version because this taste better. Swak na swak sa panlasa. Did you know that Camaron Rebosado has a spanish name but this recipe actually originated in China. It’s because of the Spanish… Continue reading Camaron Rebosado Recipe


Ginger Garlic King Prawns

Loading… Ingredients: 2 lbs shrimp ½ cup butter 4 tbsp garlic, minced 4 tbs ginger, minced salt and pepper to taste Basil leaves (optional garnish)   Cooking Instructions: 1. Melt the butter in a pan and heat it up until hot enough to cook the garlic 2. Add the garlic and ginger. Cook until the… Continue reading Ginger Garlic King Prawns


Ginisang Alamang sa Kamias

Loading… Ingredients: 2 cups kamias, sliced lengthwise 3 cups Alamang (rinse and drain) 1 medium onion, minced 4 cloves garlic, minced 2 tomato, sliced 1 siling haba (pangsigang) Procedure: In a medium pan, heat vegetable oil over medium heat. Saute garlic until lightly brown. Add onions and cook until it becomes transparent. Add in chopped… Continue reading Ginisang Alamang sa Kamias

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Ginataang Pako at Alimasag

Loading… Ingredients: 1/2 kilo fresh alimasag (talangka or crabs) 2 cups coconut cream (1 can) ½ cup water 3 pcs long chili pepper (Siling Haba) 5 cloves garlic, minced 1 medium onion, sliced 2 tbsp ginger, grated or minced 6 pako (fern) leaves and stalks salt to taste Instructions: Clean crabs thoroughly with tap water.… Continue reading Ginataang Pako at Alimasag


Ginataang Tahong

This Ginataang Tahong recipe is absolutely delicious! Affordable menu for any party, prayer meeting, or fiestang bayan. Make it spicy and your guest will enjoy! Ginataang Tahong (Spicy Mussels in Coconut Milk) Ingredients: 1 kilo mussels, (wash and clean thoroughly) 2 cups coconut milk/cream 2 red siling labuyo (bird’s eye chili pepper) 2 tbsp olive… Continue reading Ginataang Tahong

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Crispy Crablets

These seasoned small crispy crablets, fried until golden brown were just simply the best Pinoy recipe that we all love. Sooo crunchy and yummmmy good! Best to go with Vinegar and chopped chili peppers or Sinamak dipping sauce. CRISPY CRABLETS INGREDIENTS: 1 kilo crablets 1/2 cup cornstarch 1/2 cup all purpose flour 1/2 tablespoon salt… Continue reading Crispy Crablets

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Shrimp Gambas

Any seafood feast won’t be complete without the shrimp, saucy, sizzling spicy Gambas! Oh my this is sinfully good. Big no if your allergic to it. Im just thankful I’m not..because this is my favorite. #happycooking #LetsCookMGR   Shrimp Gambas Recipe Ingredients: 1 lb shrimp, peeled and deveined 2 tablespoons garlic, minced 1/4 cup… Continue reading Shrimp Gambas

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Sinigang na Hipon sa Bayabas

Ingredients: * 6 cups water * 8 pieces unripe bayabas (guava), halved * 1 piece tomato, quartered * 1 piece long green chili * 1 piece small red onion, quartered * 1 ½ tbsp fish sauce(patis) * ¼ cup radish, thinly sliced * ½ cup okra, sliced * ½ cup sitaw (green beans) * ½… Continue reading Sinigang na Hipon sa Bayabas


Sweet and Spicy Shrimp

  Ingredients: For the Sweet and Spicy Shrimp: 1 tbsp butter (for searing of shrimps) ¼ kg shrimps, shelled and deveined Shrimp broth: boil shrimp heads and shells in ¼ cup water; strain and set aside — 1 tbsp butter ½ tbsp garlic, crushed ¼ tsp wansoy, finely chopped 1 tsp spring onions, finely chopped… Continue reading Sweet and Spicy Shrimp


Ginisang Tahong

Ingredients: 5 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed, 1 thumb sized ginger, peeled and julienned, 1 medium onion, peeled and chopped, 5 medium tomatoes, chopped, ½ tsp ground pepper, salt and pepper to taste cooking oil 3 pcs “pechay” or “bok choy” or any veggies of your choice (optional) 1-2 Long Green Chili or Siling Haba… Continue reading Ginisang Tahong


How to cook Seafood Kare-Kare

If you love seafoods, you just gotta try this Seafood Kare-Kare too.. Definitely a must try recipe. Ingredients: 200 grms mussels 200 grms clams 200 grms squid, cut into rings 250 grms shrimps, trimmed 250 grms fish fillet (cream dory), cut into serving size 2 bundle string beans, cut into 2-inch long 2 pcs eggplant,… Continue reading How to cook Seafood Kare-Kare

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Garlic Butter Shrimp

This Filipino Style recipe of Garlic Butter Shrimp is super delicious and yet so easy to make. Just marinate the shrimp in lemon soda, toss, sauté all the ingredients together. Voila! You’ve got a plate of tasty and savoury shrimp Filipino Style Recipe. It doesn’t even need a lot of ingredients. You can add an extra… Continue reading Garlic Butter Shrimp

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Shrimp Tempura Recipe

The secret to making a delicious shrimp tempura isnʻt the shrimp. Itʻs the tempura batter. SHRIMP TEMPURA RECIPE PREP TIME: 40 MIN COOK TIME: 20 MIN YIELD: 10 INGREDIENTS: 10 Jumbo shrimp (the bigger the better. Thaw if they are frozen.) Tempura Batter: Flour (tempura flour) Panko breadcrumbs 3 scrambled eggs Tempura sauce ingredients: 1… Continue reading Shrimp Tempura Recipe


Baked Lobster with Garlic and Cheese

If food can be downloaded instantly like these Baked Lobster with Garlic and Cheese…which food will you download? Ingredients: 2 large size lobster, cleaned 2 cups grated cheddar cheese 1/2 cup grated salted butter 3-4 tbsp. minced garlic 1/2 lemon Instructions: Split cut the lobster including the shell in half, length wise with a big knife.… Continue reading Baked Lobster with Garlic and Cheese

Appetizers · Seafood

Baked Oyster with Garlic and Cheese (Talaba)

Ingredients 2 kilos talaba or oysters, retain half shell 1/4 cup butter 1 whole garlic (minced) 2 cups grated cheese, the more toppings the better Instructions: In a pan, melt butter in medium heat. Saute minced garlic until golden brown. Drain garlic and set aside the melted butter. Prepare oysters – clean and wash thoroughly.… Continue reading Baked Oyster with Garlic and Cheese (Talaba)


Baby Squid in Olive Oil

These baby squids are absolutely delicious and super tender. The secret to a very soft squid is in cooking time. Make sure to cook it no more than 3 minutes and you’re in for this sumptuous recipe. Happy cooking and enjoy! Baby Squid in Olive Oil INGREDIENTS: 1/2 kilo Baby Squid 6 cloves garlic, minced… Continue reading Baby Squid in Olive Oil


Ginataang Langka with Alimasag

Ginataang Langka with Alimasag INGREDIENTS: 2 cups langka, sliced  (unripe jackfruit) 6 pcs alimasag, (1 kilo) 2 inches ginger, peeled & strips 1 medium onion, chopped 4 cloves garlic, crushed 2 cups pure coconut milk 2 pieces siling labuyo, (birds eye chili) 2-4 pieces siling haba, (long green chili) cooking oil salt and pepper Pinch, Magic… Continue reading Ginataang Langka with Alimasag

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Sipo Eggs of Pampanga

Most people will ask what is Sipo Eggs? It’s a Kapampangan dish cook with shrimps, carrots, green peas, corns, sitsaro (snow pea), singkamas (turnips) and quail eggs in a white creamy butter sauce. Sipo eggs is actually a common dish in any house party, fiesta, wedding or baptismal. Although not all people are familiar with… Continue reading Sipo Eggs of Pampanga

Asian Food · Seafood

Singapore’s Salted Egg Crab (Filipino Version)

Singapore’s salted egg crabs are crabs with creamy salted egg yolk sauce. Originally they used fresh curry leaves in the recipe. But since it is not an easy find here in the Philippines. I have substituted it with onion leeks. To make the creamy sauce you may also use coconut milk or fresh milk. All… Continue reading Singapore’s Salted Egg Crab (Filipino Version)


Adobong Pusit sa Gata

Serving size: 4 Ingredients for Adobong Pusit sa Gata: 1 lb. medium sized squid, cleaned 2 cups coconut milk 4 tablespoons soy sauce 3 tablespoons vinegar ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper 6 to 8 cloves garlic, crushed 4 pieces dried bay leaves 1 to 2 tablespoons fish sauce 3 tablespoons cooking oil 1 Siling Haba… Continue reading Adobong Pusit sa Gata


Beer Battered Coconut Shrimp

Ang Beer Battered Coconut Shrimp ay sikat at masarap na appetizer sa ibang bansa katulad ng Florida, US kung saan common at maraming seafood restaurants sa paligid ng siyudad. Ang version ng lutong ito ay may dalawang variation. Isang deep fried at ang isa naman ay ginagamitan ng coconut milk. Pero ang recipe na inilathala dito… Continue reading Beer Battered Coconut Shrimp


Spicy Grilled Squid Ojingeo-tonggui 오징어통구이

Spicy Grilled Squid Ojingeo-tonggui, a special Korean Spicy grilled squid. These are cooked for special occasions and koreans love this classic recipe.  Ingredients: (serves 4) 1 large squid (about 1 ½ pounds) 2 cloves garlic cloves, minced ½  teaspoon minced ginger 3 tablespoons hot pepper paste (gochujang) 3 tablespoons rice syrup or corn syrup 1… Continue reading Spicy Grilled Squid Ojingeo-tonggui 오징어통구이


Easy Italian Lemon Shrimp

Easy Italian Lemon Shrimp, this is s easy and quick. Buttery italian shrimp with italian spices and herbs. You can imagine the aroma as it bakes in the oven! You gotta try these. A very simple seafood dish with lots of taste. This is what you call a gastronomic feast of seafood. Happy cooking and enjoy!… Continue reading Easy Italian Lemon Shrimp


Minantikilyahang Sugpo sa Bawang

Minantikilyang Sugpo sa Bawang, subukan ang napakadaling lutuin na ulam para sa iyong pamilya. Simple, mabilis lutuin pero nanunuot ang linamnam at sarap ng minatikilyang sugpo sa bawang! Alam mo ba na ang tawag sa malaking hipon ay sugpo or prawns in english. Ito ay kamaganak ng mga ulang or ang tinatawag nilang lobsters. Mas… Continue reading Minantikilyahang Sugpo sa Bawang


How to make Calamares

Calamares or otherwise known as Calamari is an italian word for cooked squid. But here in the Philippines, it is better known as Calamares. Calamares is a fried squid sliced into rings and coated in crispy breading. It is a favorite side dish among Filipinos. Calamares is commonly served as an appetizer for alcohol drinkers.… Continue reading How to make Calamares


Delicious Buttered Shrimp Recipe

This Delicious Buttered Shrimp recipe is quick and easy to cook but absolutely finger lickin shrimp! I’ve cooked this so many times..and they keep requesting it over and over again. My family’s favorite.. Happy cooking! Ingredients: 1 kilogram shrimp (Suwahe) 1/2 cup butter 2 tbsp parsley, finely chopped 4 tbsp garlic, minced 1 can lemon… Continue reading Delicious Buttered Shrimp Recipe


Lemon Butter Baked Shrimp

Ingredients: 1 lb. raw shrimp, cleaned, peeled and deveined 8 Tbsp butter (2 sticks), melted 5 cloves garlic, minced 1 packet of Italian all natural seasoning 1 1/2 lemon, sliced into circles 1 Tbs. dried parsley leaves 1 tsp. black pepper, ground Mama’s Guide Instructions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. In a small… Continue reading Lemon Butter Baked Shrimp

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Pinangat ng Bicol (Tilmok or Tinuktuk)

Pinangat ng Bicol ( Tilmok, Tinulmok or Tinuktuk) is the Bicolano local language for coconut meat. Another main ingredient of this recipe is shrimp. The preparation of Pinangat starts with combining coconut meat and shrimp meat. Other spices is added after the meats are thoroughly mixed. The mixed “meats” are then put inside banana leaves… Continue reading Pinangat ng Bicol (Tilmok or Tinuktuk)