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Santan (Coco Jam with Pili Nuts)

Loading… Santan (Coco Jam with Pili Nuts) A sweet recipe that came from the province of Bicol Region. This recipe is a perfect dessert on its own, or as a spread on rice-based snacks (kakanin) or just plain bread. Made from rich coconut milk and raw sugar (Kalamay or Panutsa) reduced through a slow simmer.… Continue reading Santan (Coco Jam with Pili Nuts)


Banana Choco Jam Recipe

Loading… Banana Choco Jam Recipe, are you thinking of starting a small jam business? You gotta try this super delicious jam made from banana and dark chocolate. Ingredients: 800g bananas (about 5-7 large ripe ones) 100g dark chocolate (use 70+ cocoa solids – coarsely chopped) 40ml amaretto* (optional) 200ml water (room temperature) 420g organic unrefined… Continue reading Banana Choco Jam Recipe

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Loading… Got loads of queso de bola at home or any left over processed cheese like Eden Cheese or Quezo, Magnolia or any kind of cheese? Im sure you do, but fret not because you can surely remake that cheese into something exciting and delicious sandwich spread for the whole family. Did you know you… Continue reading CHEESE PIMIENTO (CHEESEWHIZ)


How to Make Calamansi Jelly Spread

Loading… Ingredients: Calamansi seeds Water Refined sugar Calamansi juice Utensils/Supplies: stainless knife chopping board colander stainless casserole saucepan cheesecloth basin/mixing bowl measuring cups/spoons stove ladle thermometer Packaging Materials: bottles with new caps Instructions: Mix 1 part of calamansi seeds to 3 parts of water. Drain the mixture into cheesecloth allowing the juice to pass completely.… Continue reading How to Make Calamansi Jelly Spread


Minatamis na Bao (Coco Jam)

Loading… Makes 1.5 cups Ingredients: 2 cups kakang gata (fresh coconut milk) 1 cup muscovado sugar, crushed panutsa/ panocha (unrefined cane sugar) or molasses 2 pandan leaves, knotted or 1 tsp. pandan extract Instructions: In a pan, mix all the ingredients using medium to high heat and let it boils. Once it started to boil,… Continue reading Minatamis na Bao (Coco Jam)

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Homemade Mayonnaise

Loading… Ingredients: Fresh Eggs: 4 Oil: 300 grams Salt: To Taste Sugar: 2 Tablespoons Vinegar: 3 Tablespoons Directions: Mix all the ingredients using a blender, except for the oil. Blend them for a a few minutes, until thoroughly mixed. Remove the upper lid of the blender and start pouring the oil very slowly. It is… Continue reading Homemade Mayonnaise


Sweet Potato Jam (Kamote Halaya)

Loading… Ingredients: 3-4 sweet potatoes, (boiled, peeled & mashed) 1 ½ cups coconut milk 250 ml sweetened condensed milk 2-4 tablespoon melted butter 2 tsp vanilla extract Instructions: In a bowl, mashed potatoes using a masher or electric hand mixer, food processor or blender (whatever is available) and mash it until smooth and no lumps.… Continue reading Sweet Potato Jam (Kamote Halaya)


Homemade Cheez Whiz

Who loves cheese whiz?!❤ No need to buy the expensive spread in supermarkets. If you need to make some tons of sandwich, for prayer meetings, gatherings, occasions, outings, picnics etc. Why not make some cheaper but delicious homemade cheese spread! Homemade is fun and you’re guaranteed its fresh, clean and no artificial ingredients. Ingredients: 1… Continue reading Homemade Cheez Whiz