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Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken Recipe

Post Views: 413 Did you know that these Popcorn chicken is famous in Taiwan night market?  These Taiwanese-style popcorn chicken is juicy on the inside yet crispy on the outside. The taste is so delicious when tossed with the salt spice mix and garnished with fried Thai basil leaves. So yummy and you just can’t… Continue reading Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken Recipe

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Goto Special

Post Views: 961 Goto Special, Beef Goto or Beef Lugaw Recipe, Rice Porridge with Beef Tripe, this recipe is so simple but yummy! Also with Easy Tokwa’t Baboy Recipe below. No matter what the season is, Lugaw is always delicious and the best choice, especially with tender beef tripe! You have the option to add… Continue reading Goto Special

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Giant Fried Squid Recipe (Popular in Taiwan Night Market)

Post Views: 935 Why not bring it here in Philippines? The most popular Crispy Giant Squid at Ningxia Night Market, Taiwan. Its so crispy in the outside and juicy inside. Tourists love it very much and it is one of “Taiwan’s Top Ten Most Popular Night Market Food”. But how do you cook this large… Continue reading Giant Fried Squid Recipe (Popular in Taiwan Night Market)

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Salt and Pepper Squid (Chinese Style Recipe)

Post Views: 1,414 Salt and Pepper Squid (Chinese Style Recipe) INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: To Make Toasted Garlic:  YOU MAY ALSO TRY OUR:

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Ube Turon

Post Views: 1,181 Popular among Filipinos, ube turon is a sweet purple yam (ube) treat that is wrapped in a crisp spring roll wrapper and deep-fried till golden brown. Ube Turon Recipe INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Cooking Tips: Got no Ube Halaya and you need a budget-friendly recipe? Just use Cheesy Mashed Potato (Quick & Easy) recipe… Continue reading Ube Turon

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Crab Rangoon Recipe

Post Views: 2,068 Crab Rangoon, also known as crab puffs, crab rangoon puffs, or cheese wontons, is a type of appetizer typically seen in Chinese restaurants in the United States. It’s really crispy, cheesy and tasty. These Crab Rangoons are baked. But you may also DEEP FRY to achieve a golden golden brown. It’s very… Continue reading Crab Rangoon Recipe

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Inihaw na Isaw ng Baboy

Post Views: 21,859 Kung fave na fave mo ang Ihaw-ihaw Street Food. Try mo din ilagay sa line up mo ang Isaw ng Baboy BBQ.. Siguradong dudumugin ang iyong ihawan business. You may also check here kung paano maglinis ng isaw maigi. INIHAW NA ISAW NG BABOY RECIPE INGREDIENTS: 1 kilogram Isaw ng baboy or… Continue reading Inihaw na Isaw ng Baboy

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Tokneneng Recipe

Post Views: 17,488 Tokneneng are boiled chicken/duck eggs fried with orange batter until crispy outside, best when dipped in spiced vinegar or sweet brown sauce (Manong Sauce). It is a common Filipino snack sold in the street by push cart vendors for about ₱10/pc. These are very much alike with Kwek-kwek which are made from… Continue reading Tokneneng Recipe

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Veggie Balls (Pinoy Street food)

Post Views: 150,353 Try these Veggie Balls (Pinoy Street food) with spiced vinegar sawsawan. Quick, easy and budget friendly pinoy street food negosyo/business you can sell in your neighborhood. Business swak na swak! Cooking Notes: You may use or add any vegetables you like – malunggay, carrots, cabbage, celery, bell pepper etc. Veggie Balls Recipe… Continue reading Veggie Balls (Pinoy Street food)

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Post Views: 22,853 Tater Bites or tots are bite-size potatoes (grated/mashed) formed into small cylinders, rolled into crumbs and deep-fried. These are often served as a side dish for burgers and chips just like french fries. The name “tater tot” is a registered trademark of the American frozen food company Ore-Ida, but is generally used… Continue reading TATER BITES