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Bacon Wrapped Smokies Recipe

Post Views: 11,063 Do you want to cook a special dish or something that everyone will love? Say office potluck, a party, a small gathering, a football finger food or big bowl event? These are an excellent super bowl yummies! This recipe is the perfect appetizer for any date. Who doesn’t love bacon?! I tell… Continue reading Bacon Wrapped Smokies Recipe

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How to make Balut Egg

Post Views: 26,590 Pinoy Balut / Filipino Balut, or Fertilized Duck Egg High in protein, fat and cholesterol. Best eaten with a dash of  salt and pepper! A balut is a fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. They are considered delicacies of Asia and especially… Continue reading How to make Balut Egg

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Footlong Hotdog Sandwich with Coleslaw

Post Views: 105,119 Our favorite classic merienda..Filipinos just love to snack on it. A classic streetfood merienda we love back in our childhood days. Let’s make some homemade Footlong Hotdog Sandwich today! Footlong Hotdog Sandwich with Coleslaw INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Pinoy Coleslaw Recipe INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: YOU MAY ALSO TRY OUR: Source

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Shawarma Recipe

Post Views: 122,703 This Shawarma recipe is with beef, pita bread and garlic yogurt sauce (Filipino Style). If you’re interested in putting up your own Shawarma Food business or even if you’re just craving and couldn’t find any store near your place to buy a Shawarma. Here’s a complete recipe for making your own special beef… Continue reading Shawarma Recipe

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Corn Nuggets Recipe

Post Views: 17,693   Are you needing some appetizer recipe that will motivate your kids. Go get this recipe and start cooking these unique and delicious corn nuggets! Super yummy and don’t forget to add cheese and melted butter on it upon serving. Remember Corn + butter + cheese are best of friends. Happy cooking!… Continue reading Corn Nuggets Recipe

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Gyoza Recipe (Pinoy Style)

Post Views: 35,823 Gyoza Recipe Pinoy Style (Japanese Pan-fried Dumplings). Super crazy delicious when crispy fried. You may use chili garlic sauce and still turns out mouth watering. Alternatively you may also steam the other batch. Happy cooking and enjoy! Cook’s Notes: – Instead of Ponzu dipping sauce, you may use Pinoy chili garlic sauce.… Continue reading Gyoza Recipe (Pinoy Style)

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Cheese Burger Onion Rings

Post Views: 10,698 If you love burgers and onion rings, these snack is the ultimate must try snack. Cheeseburger and onion rings in one. Try it today with friends, its easy to make and simply yummy! You can add bacon, if you like! Servings: 6-8 rings Cheese Burger Onion Rings INGREDIENTS: 1/2 Kilogram ground beef… Continue reading Cheese Burger Onion Rings

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Siomai Gulay

Post Views: 69,924 Siomai Gulay or vegetable siomai/dumplings is pure vegetable plus tofu. It doesn’t contain any meat. Great for your picky eater kids who doesn’t eat vegetables. For some who is confused, Siomai is basically pork dumplings and what we call dumplings in general can have any fillings in it. I call it siomai… Continue reading Siomai Gulay

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Chicken Fingers and Calamari Recipe

Post Views: 32,230 Chicken Fingers and Buttermilk Calamari For Chicken Fingers: INGREDIENTS:Peanut oil, for frying2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts2 eggs1 cup all-purpose flour2 cups panko bread crumbs1 teaspoon garlic powder1 teaspoon lemon-pepper1/2 teaspoon cayenne1/2 teaspoon salt1/2 teaspoon pepper INSTRUCTIONS:1. Preheat oil to 350°F (180°C) 2. Cut the chicken breasts into long strips and set… Continue reading Chicken Fingers and Calamari Recipe

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Authentic Chinese Siomai

Post Views: 423,325 This Siomai recipe is simple and super delicious just like the siomai all Filipinos love to eat for snacks. This goes well with our Homemade  Siomai Chili Sauce AUTHENTIC CHINESE SIOMAI INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Soak mushrooms in warm water for 30 minutes. Cut off stems and discard. Chop the caps. 2. In… Continue reading Authentic Chinese Siomai

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WALKMAN (Barbequed Pork Ears)

Post Views: 17,175 Walkman is a colloquial term of Pork Ear Barbeque. A famous Filipino streetfood barbeque that is sold on streets for a very affordable price. It was named Walkman back in the 80’s and 90’s when Sony Walkman became famous. Filipinos would rather call it walkman as a shortcut to the long name… Continue reading WALKMAN (Barbequed Pork Ears)

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Siopao Asado

Post Views: 135,739   If you want to know why Siopao turns yellowish in color. In this recipe I will teach you the technique on how to make a pure white Siopao Asado. Learn why some siopao turns into yellowish dough instead of pure white. For your Homemade Siopao Sauce recipe also check this recipe. Siopao… Continue reading Siopao Asado

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Homemade Kikiam Recipe

Post Views: 60,933 Kikiam is a sausage like dish that has a chinese origin. It was adapted right away ever since it was introduced in the Philippines. Up until now, Kikiam has been one of Filipinos all time favorite streetfood (tusok-tusok) in the Philippines for so many decades. Authentic Kikiam is wrapped in bean curd… Continue reading Homemade Kikiam Recipe

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Paano Gumawa ng French Fries

Post Views: 31,864 Homemade Filipino Style, Tagalog Version Recipe of French Fries, super easy or dali lamang lutuin, lalo na kung may slicer ka ng patatas na nabibili online para mas equal at madali hiwain ng mga patatas or potatoes. Para mas maging healthy, gamitan ito ng extra virgin olive oil. Happy cooking!  Short Clip… Continue reading Paano Gumawa ng French Fries

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Post Views: 55,836 This Crispy Fried Calamari recipe is sooo delicious! Perfectly crisp outside and tender in the inside.. What’s your favorite dipping sauce?  Spiced Vinegar, Sour Cream, Mayo-Ketchup, Sweet and Sour Sauce.. Yummm! CRISPY FRIED CALAMARI INGREDIENTS: 1 pound fresh squid 2 cups milk Juice of 1 lemon 1 teaspoon hot sauce (recommended Tabasco)… Continue reading CRISPY FRIED CALAMARI

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Homemade Taho Recipe

Post Views: 105,497 Taho is one of Filipino’s favorite comfort food, specially for breakfast. Taho is a famous Filipino street food made from soya beans (traditional making) or if you want the easy shortcut recipe version just use “softened tofu or silken tofu”. I have provided recipes for Traditional Recipe and Procedure if using a… Continue reading Homemade Taho Recipe

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How to make Binatog

Post Views: 62,677 Binatog is my favorite pinoy streetfood! I grew up eating this for my afternoon snack from streetfood vendor. It is boiled white corn kernels with grated coconut and salt. “Binatog” is made with white hominy or lagkitan or Kinulti mais (dried maize kernels). The process is quite long and complicated. Hominy can… Continue reading How to make Binatog

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Crispy Crablets

Post Views: 59,290 These seasoned small crispy crablets, fried until golden brown were just simply the best Pinoy recipe that we all love. Sooo crunchy and yummmmy good! Best to go with Vinegar and chopped chili peppers or Sinamak dipping sauce. CRISPY CRABLETS INGREDIENTS: 1 kilo crablets1/2 cup cornstarch1/2 cup all purpose flour1/2 tablespoon salt2… Continue reading Crispy Crablets

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Cheese Dynamite Lumpia

Post Views: 61,826 Look at these cheese dynamite lumpia recipe, it is so spicy it will blow you away (sasabog ka sa anghang at sarap)!  Serve it with your favorite Sweet Chili Sauce or mayonnaise-ketchup dipping sauce. These snacks are the bomb! Best for Sunday Foodtrip with friends, or Appetizer too for beer drinkers. CAUTION:… Continue reading Cheese Dynamite Lumpia

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Camote Cue (or Camote Fries)

Post Views: 31,290 You can cook the classic old Camote Cue or you may also do the modern Camote Fries and serve it in paper tray to save you from buying sticks. This is way easy and budget friendly. Just slice it into finger sizes or bite size fries, not too thin though so it… Continue reading Camote Cue (or Camote Fries)

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Steamed Pork Dumplings (Easy Siomai Version)

Post Views: 43,969 If you want some asian taste and feeling, you gotta try these siomai recipe. The easiest homemade pork dumplings recipe ever. These siomai (a.k.a. siu mai, siew mai, shu mai, shao mai) are so much better with Chili Sauce (Siomai sauce or Chili garlic sauce). Looks so good right..but it taste even… Continue reading Steamed Pork Dumplings (Easy Siomai Version)

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How to make Fishball with Manong Sauce

Post Views: 403,130 Try this Homemade fish ball at home, its easy to make and your ingredients are guaranteed fresh with no preservatives. Homemade is always the best option instead of buying frozen ones. How to make Fishball with Manong Sauce INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Cooking Notes: If you want to save some of the fish balls… Continue reading How to make Fishball with Manong Sauce

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How to make Pinoy Cheese Sticks

Post Views: 63,647 Masarap na meryenda..kapag walang magawa. Processed cheese wrapped in spring roll wrappers and deep fried for a crunchy bite, rolled into cheese powder with your all time favorite Mayo-ketchup dippings. It is one of Pinoy’s top streetfood favorite. Happy cooking..enjoy! How to make Pinoy Cheese Sticks Ingredients: 10-15 lumpia wrappers 100 grams… Continue reading How to make Pinoy Cheese Sticks

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Chicharon Balat ng Manok

Post Views: 35,415 These are crunchy, delicious deep fried chicken skin. A dangerous food to eat for people with “high blood” or other health problems because of its high fat and cholesterol content. Bakit nga ba masarap ang bawal, that’s the question we usually ask ourselves when we are tempted to eat food that we… Continue reading Chicharon Balat ng Manok

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Post Views: 119,977 How to make the best Isaw BBQ? This recipe is complete and easy to follow instructions. With procedure on how to thoroughly clean isaw intestines. For some who is new to this recipe. Isaw is a filipino barbeque streetfood made from pork or chicken intestine. Don’t fret because these intestines are cleaned… Continue reading HOW TO MAKE BEST ISAW BBQ

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Post Views: 110,753 These homemade squid balls are a chinese dimsum that resembles fish balls. Except that fish balls becomes limp when cooked. While, squid balls retain its fluffy round shape even after it is cooked. Squid balls are among the favorite pinoy street food snack. Filipinos serve it ussually in sticks (skewered) with a… Continue reading HOMEMADE SQUID BALLS RECIPE

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Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Post Views: 37,220 Homemade Chicken Nuggets that kids will surely love to munch. Partner it with french fries with their favorite mayo and ketchup dippings. It’s a sure family snack treat. This recipe is in Filipino version for easy adaptations. Happy cooking! Homemade Chicken Nuggets INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Filipino Version: SANGKAP: INSTRUCTIONS: YOU MAY ALSO TRY… Continue reading Homemade Chicken Nuggets

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How to make Itlog na Maalat

Post Views: 127,880 Homemade Salted Eggs (Itlog na Maalat or itlog na pula) the easiest way. Yes, you dont have to dig it inside the soil or follow the traditional process. This is way better and easy. You’ll never have to crave for salted eggs ever again. This recipe is described by Filipinos around the… Continue reading How to make Itlog na Maalat

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Chicharon Bulaklak Recipe

Post Views: 57,110 Chicharon bulaklak street food is a favorite appetizer of almost every Filipino. Chicharon Bulaklak, super crunchy deep fried mesentery that looks like a flower when deep fried. A ruffled fat deep fried in oil and is absolutely crunchy with a matching spiced vinegar. It is just heaven on its own. It’s a sin… Continue reading Chicharon Bulaklak Recipe

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How to make Calamares

Post Views: 34,918 Credits Kitchenistang Pinay Calamares or otherwise known as Calamari is an italian word for cooked squid. But here in the Philippines, it is better known as Calamares. Calamares is a fried squid sliced into rings and coated in crispy breading. It is a favorite side dish among Filipinos. Calamares is commonly served… Continue reading How to make Calamares