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Steamed Soft Tofu with minced Pork Recipe

Post Views: 18,448 Healthy, quick and easy Chinese Tofu side dish that you can easily make! Its very yummy! But where can I buy this Silken tofu or Soft tofu? Just check it out in major grocery like Sm, Landers and SnR. Usually located in the frozen section together with other items like Spring roll… Continue reading Steamed Soft Tofu with minced Pork Recipe

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Korean Spicy Braised Tofu (Dubu-Jorim)

Post Views: 6,982 Korean Spicy Braised Tofu or also known as Dubu-jurum is a popular Korean side dish (banchan). The tofu is basically pan fried and then braised in a delicious korean sweet and spicy sauce mixture.  This dish is an ideal side dish to any samgyupsal meal or buffet. For the korean ingredients, you can… Continue reading Korean Spicy Braised Tofu (Dubu-Jorim)

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Fermented Black Beans, Tofu and Pork (Tausi, Tokwa at Baboy)

Post Views: 55,634 Fermented Black Beans, Tofu and Pork (Tausi, Tokwa at Baboy), another simple daily budget meal idea for the family. Quick and easy to cook! Fermented Black Beans, Tofu and Pork (Tausi, Tokwa at Baboy) INGREDIENTS: 7 blocks tofu, sliced in strips ½ kilograms pork liempo, sliced in cubes 2 medium onions, chopped… Continue reading Fermented Black Beans, Tofu and Pork (Tausi, Tokwa at Baboy)

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Post Views: 12,456 These Tofu Vegetable Patties or Tokwa Burger are so healthy! Are you thinking of a healthy lunch pack for your kids? This Tofu vegetable patties are affordable, made of veggies but not so obvious that its made of vegetables! Yup, your picky eater kids won’t know its made of veggies. Atleast for… Continue reading TOFU VEGETABLE PATTIES RECIPE (Tokwa)

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Tofu Prawn Cheese Balls

Post Views: 17,384 Tofu Prawn Cheese Balls INGREDIENTS: 1/4 kilogram Prawns/shrimp, minced 2 blocks Tofu, mashed 1 medium onion, minced 1/2 cup spring Onions, minced 1 egg  Salt & Pepper for seasoning 1/2 cup breadcrumbs Cheese Slices – cubed for filling 1 cup breadcrumbs, for coating INSTRUCTIONS: Add all ingredients together in a mixing bowl.… Continue reading Tofu Prawn Cheese Balls

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Sizzling Tofu ala Max Recipe

Post Views: 133,764 This sizzling tofu ala max is an easy step by step procedure on how to cook sizzling tofu at home just like your favorite Max’s Restaurant recipe. Simple, delicious and budget saver! Happy cooking! #MamasGuideRecipes #iLoveMamasGuide SIZZLING TOFU ALA MAX INGREDIENTS: 500g tofu/tokwa 3 cloves minced garlic 1 white chopped onion 1… Continue reading Sizzling Tofu ala Max Recipe

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Tokwa Sisig (Tofu)

Post Views: 58,495 Simpleng ulam at pasok sa budget..Yummy homemade tokwa sisig! Cook it today. Another quick, budget saver and easy recipe from Mama’s Guide Recipes. You may also try our simple and delicious Pork Sisig recipe! #LetsCookMGR TOKWA SISIG RECIPE Ingredients: 6-8 pcs tokwa (Tofu) 120 ml Mayonnaise 1 tbsp Oyster sauce 1 tsp Maggi… Continue reading Tokwa Sisig (Tofu)

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Mapo Tofu Recipe

Post Views: 56,575 Mafo Tofu is made of soft tofu* and is a spicy chinese cuisine. It is not the regular tokwa (firm tokwa ) we all normally use in Philippines. Soft/Silken tofu* is softer and finer in texture. It is the kind of tokwa used for taho making. Nowadays, soft tofu can be bought… Continue reading Mapo Tofu Recipe

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Fried Tofu Nuggets with Soy Dipping Sauce

Post Views: 57,354 This fried tofu nuggets recipe is crunchy and delicious, specially with the prepared soy dipping sauce on the side. Perfect appetizer or side dish maybe. Cook it today and enjoy!  Fried Tofu Nuggets with Soy Dipping Sauce INGREDIENTS: 1 block firm tofu, or tokwa½  cup flour or cornstarch1 egg beaten½ cup bread… Continue reading Fried Tofu Nuggets with Soy Dipping Sauce