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Ampalaya Guisado (Bittermelon)

Post Views: 34,006 Ampalaya Guisado (Bittermelon) affordable, healthy and budget meal saver for a frugal mom. Ampalaya Guisado Recipe (Bittermelon) INGREDIENTS: * 2 pieces Ampalaya, cut in half, seeded and sliced into 1/4″ crosswise* 2 pieces tomatoes, cut in wedges* 1/4 pound pork, pre-boiled and cubed* 2 pieces whole eggs, scrambled* 2 cloves garlic, minced*… Continue reading Ampalaya Guisado (Bittermelon)

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Ginisang Alamang sa Ampalaya na may Itlog

Post Views: 19,725 This ampalaya recipe, Ampalaya Guisado with Egg and Alamang is simple and a favorite Filipino recipe. We love eggs in ampalaya and a hint of alamang makes it so tasty. Yummy! I also included an instruction on how to prepare bitterless ampalaya indicated at the bottom of recipe. Health Benefits of Ampalaya… Continue reading Ginisang Alamang sa Ampalaya na may Itlog