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Lechon Belly in Turbo

Loading… Holiday season is here! You can definitely make your own homemade lechon belly. This is the most simple yet amazing way to prepare a budget approve feast. Just enough for the whole family. Affordable but guaranteed to be the best for any feast! For an authentic recipe of Lechon Sauce  try this recipe. Happy cooking and… Continue reading Lechon Belly in Turbo

Holiday Recipes

Lechon De Balamban (Herbed Stuffed Pork Belly)

Loading… Try this lechon for the coming holidays. Start collecting the best recipe ideas as early as now.So you can shop as early as you can and be prepared for the ingredients before it goes out of stock. Ingredients: 2 kilos pork belly slab 3 stalks lemongrass, trimmed,      pounded, and chopped roughly 4 cloves garlic,… Continue reading Lechon De Balamban (Herbed Stuffed Pork Belly)

Holiday Recipes · Pork Recipes


Loading… ROASTED PORK BELLY “LECHON” Ingredients: 1.5 kg pork belly slab, skin on 3 whole garlic bulbs, peeled and roughly chopped ½ cup oregano leaves, washed then chopped 3 red onions, peeled and chopped around 4 5 lemongrass stalks, sliced the zest from 1 lemon juice from 1 lemon a little over 1/8 cup salt,… Continue reading ROASTED PORK BELLY “LECHON”