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Jelly Flan with Fruit Cocktails

Post Views: 74,996   This jelly flan with fruit cocktails taste like leche flan! Affordable, easy to steaming needed! You only need to cook it for a few minutes and voila..all you need to do is chill it. Ideal for a homebase business for moms at home. Some friends I know already started earning… Continue reading Jelly Flan with Fruit Cocktails

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Jelly Flan (Gelatin Leche Flan)

Post Views: 65,173 This Jelly Flan recipe is also known as gelatin leche flan or lechetin. While others call it leche gulaman. It’s simple and delicious! It’s an egg and gelatin combo, it looks like and taste like leche flan. Must try.. Translated in Tagalog and English version. Jelly Flan – Tagalog Version SANGKAP: 1… Continue reading Jelly Flan (Gelatin Leche Flan)