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Tinutungang Manok Recipe ng Bicol

Loading… Tinutungang manok recipe is a classic Bicolano dish where the main ingredient is Native chicken and stewed in smoky coconut milk. What’s so special in this dish is that the grated coconut is slightly burnt before the milk is extracted, thus giving the sauce a smoky flavor. Not to mention the spicy creamy sauce.… Continue reading Tinutungang Manok Recipe ng Bicol

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Bicolandia’s Kandingga

Loading… Bicolandia’s Kandingga, masiramon ang pagkaun digdi sa Bicol! Subukan ang bopis version ng mga Bicolano sa Kandingga recipe na ito. Sa english language ang tawag dito ay Filipino Sour Pork Lungs & Heart. Ito ay super spicy kaya maghanda ng maraming kanin dahil mapapalaban ka sa anghang at sarap. Ito rin ay parang version ng… Continue reading Bicolandia’s Kandingga

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Marcasotes – Bicol’s Native Delicacy

Loading… Marcasotes – is very similar to the portuguese sponge cake (Pão-de-Ló), the only difference is the baking style. Marcasotes is a native steamed cake cooked in handmade paper bags. The old technique of cooking is using a huge clay pot (which serves as oven) lined with cut banana bark at the bottom to provide… Continue reading Marcasotes – Bicol’s Native Delicacy

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Loading…   Ingredients: 100 grams sili, long green or more if you want it hotter a few siling labuyo sliced 1 cup water 1 pack Knorr Ginataang Gulay Sitaw and Kalabasa Complete Recipe Mix 250 grams pork, sliced thinly Instructions: Remove the stems from the sili. Slice lengthwise and cut into half-inch pieces. Likewise with… Continue reading Very Easy SPICY BICOL EXPRESS RECIPE