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Post Views: 44,906 Filipino Native Kakanin at Merienda – Try our Putchinta (Puto + Kutchinta) in one. Another yummy Filipino snack you can try at home for business or simple pot luck. You can find the lye water substitute here for Filipinos abroad who can’t find it on Asian stores. PUTCHINTA (PUTO + KUTCHINTA) INGREDIENTS:… Continue reading PUTCHINTA (PUTO + KUTCHINTA)

Filipino Native Food · Filipino Recipe · Kakanin

Black Kutchinta (Gotchinta)

Post Views: 99,259 Black Kutchinta is getting noticeable scene in the market of kakanin and everyone is going crazy with black kutchinta a.k.a. “Gotchinta” with Dulce de leche dipping sauce. You can’t help but fall in love with matching budbud garnish. It’s heavenly yummy! To tell you honestly, no one has dared to publicize the secret of… Continue reading Black Kutchinta (Gotchinta)