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Arroz Valenciana De Iloilo

Post Views: 35,113 Arroz Valenciana De Iloilo is unique than any regular Arroz Velenciana recipe because of the additional flavor of gizzard and liver ingredients. It is tastier because of the combined meat of chicken, pork and shrimp. It is the ultimate Arroz Valenciana ng mga Illongo! Happy cooking and enjoy! Arroz Valenciana De Iloilo… Continue reading Arroz Valenciana De Iloilo

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Arroz Valenciana de Lechon (Bringhe)

Post Views: 41,180 This Arroz Valenciana de Lechon (Bringhe) is an absolute crowd pleaser in any occasion. You can buy lechon in advance and reserve it in the fridge for your bringhe. In SM supermarket they have consignments of frozen lechon in tubs at the freezer section (Rico’s Lechon). Great for new year and any… Continue reading Arroz Valenciana de Lechon (Bringhe)