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Special Beef Caldereta

Loading… This special beef caldereta recipe is just amazing. Simple, easy to follow and made sure that the beef is very tender. The secret to any beef recipe is the tenderness of your beef. Otherwise, no matter how tasty it could be, it ends up failed if the beef is hard to bite. Its always… Continue reading Special Beef Caldereta

Lutong Bahay (Tagalog Version)

Kaldereta sa Gata at Peanut Butter

Loading… Kaldereta sa Gata with Peanut butter is a beef stewed in coconut milk, tomato sauce and a hint of peanut butter. Bursting in flavor in rich coconut milk with a very tender beef. This is an ultumate beef stew you’ll ever taste. You gotta try this Kaldereta sa Gata with Peanut Butter. Isa na… Continue reading Kaldereta sa Gata at Peanut Butter

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Delicious Pork Caldereta

Loading… Delicious Pork Caldereta..What makes it different from Afritada? The liver gives it a different kick and the green olives gives it a very slight sweet sour tinge. Delicious Pork Caldereta INGREDIENTS: 1 kilogram pork with bones and skin, cut into serving pieces 2 medium size red/green bell pepper, cut into wedges 2 medium size… Continue reading Delicious Pork Caldereta

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Pork Spareribs Caldereta with Cheese

Loading… Pork Spareribs Caldereta with Cheese Ingredients 2 to 3 lbs Pork Spare Ribs 3 garlic cloves, crushed and chopped 1 onion, finely chopped 1 tomato sliced 1 cup red bell pepper, cut into squares 1/2 cup green olives 1 medium potatoes cut in chunky squares 1 carrot cut in same size of potatoes 1 cup… Continue reading Pork Spareribs Caldereta with Cheese

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Kalderetang Buto Buto sa Gata ala Batangas

Loading… Another version of Kalderetang Batangas sa Buto buto na may gata with a kick of Spicy Birds eye chili pepper. This recipe did not use ready made tomato sauce. But used a traditional style of cooking Kaldereta. For some who doesn’t know it resembles Beef stew. But this one is much tastier because it… Continue reading Kalderetang Buto Buto sa Gata ala Batangas