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Pork Igado Recipe (Baguisen of Ilocano)

Post Views: 99,556 IGADO a.k.a. BAGUISEN is an authentic Ilocano dish made from pork tenderloin and pork offal or innards cooked in a vinegar-soy sauce mixture. You can find it in every turo turo in the Philippines because everyone loves it too. Though it is high in uric acid, moderation is advised when eating this… Continue reading Pork Igado Recipe (Baguisen of Ilocano)

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Chicken Igado Recipe

Post Views: 200,963 This Chicken Igado is an ilocano version of Menudo. But if you’re not so into pork which is the original Igado irecipe. You can try this new version of Igadong Manok. Super sarap! Chicken Igado Recipe SANGKAP: 1 kilo skinless chicken breast (hiniwa ng manipis, strips) 1/2 kilo atay ng manok 1/2… Continue reading Chicken Igado Recipe