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Loading… by Chrislei, tenma 23 Jollibee Crispy Chicken Recipe Before you cook the chicken it has to be marinated. The following Marinate recipe is still used today at Jollibee for the Crispy ChickenJoy which are marinated daily in 40 to 80 lbs at a time, however the amount of this marinade is only good for… Continue reading Jollibee Top Secret Recipes

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Pritong Manok ng Pinoy

Loading… Pritong Manok ng Pinoy or fried chicken is basic and simple in ingredients. But awesomely tasty because it is marinated first before frying. Quick and easy recipe for people with hectic schedules. Leave it overnight in the marinate and its ready for frying before you go to your appointment the next day. #LetsCookMGR  … Continue reading Pritong Manok ng Pinoy