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Chicken Teriyaki with Mushrooms

Post Views: 20,530 If you want an easy version and Filipino style Chicken Teriyaki. You got to try this simple and easy “lutong bahay” teriyaki style chicken using breast fillet. Its also good if you grill the chicken first or otherwise fry it. Both taste good either way. Happy cooking! Chicken Teriyaki with Mushrooms INGREDIENTS:… Continue reading Chicken Teriyaki with Mushrooms

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Chicken Teriyaki

Post Views: 52,321 Start your week off with this easy delicious Chicken Teriyaki with rice and with matching fresh vegetable salad on the side. Happy cooking! Chicken Teriyaki INGREDIENTS: 1/2 kilo chicken breast, deboned 2/3 cup teriyaki sauce (Kikkoman) 1 tbsp. sugar 1 tbsp. cornstarch (dissolved in a few tbsp. water) cooking oil 1 tsp… Continue reading Chicken Teriyaki