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Loading… Post Views: 107,715 Crunchy goodness homemade banana chips or plantain chips! You can toss it in your favorite chili powder, paprika, barbeque powder or cheese flavoring. Or just eat it plain. Either way, its a good appetizer for everyone. You can add it on to any salads, oatmeals, soak it in milk like cereals… Continue reading BANANA CHIPS

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Tahong Chips (Mussel Chips)

Loading… Post Views: 5,451   Tahong chips is a crackling snack made from steamed tahong (mussels), flour, salt, cornstarch and seasoning. It is cut into bite size strips in delicious, aromatic and crispy texture. Tahong chippy is very nutritious, easy to prepare and has very low cost investment. With proper storage or packaging condition, the… Continue reading Tahong Chips (Mussel Chips)