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The Dublin Iced Coffee Recipe

Post Views: 1,979 Real coffee lovers, drink it iced. Gotta try this one…Iced Cold Brew Coffee with a hint of Irish. Extremely delicious! The Dublin Iced Coffee INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: In a highball glass, stir the coffee, stout, whiskey and syrup. Add ice to fill. Pour the cream slowly over the top, a little bit higher… Continue reading The Dublin Iced Coffee Recipe

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Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipe

Post Views: 4,351 If you have never imagined drinking a coffee with egg, well you need to go to Vietnam.. Or might as well try it at the leisure of your own home. This Vietnamese Egg Coffee, tastes like tiramisu, the fat and fragrant egg-scented layer and the light bitter coffee blended so nicely. When… Continue reading Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipe

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Iced Brown Sugar Latte Recipe

Post Views: 8,991 Brown sugar has a good toast caramel or toffee like flavor. It’s a pretty good option to use as a sweetener if you like to add a hint of flavor to your drink. A hot brown sugar latte is one of the usual classic drinks we have at home. But we can… Continue reading Iced Brown Sugar Latte Recipe