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Chili Crab in Oyster Sauce

Post Views: 16,373 Chili Crab in Oyster Sauce INGREDIENTS: 2-3 lbs. mud crabs5 tbsp. oyster Sauce3 tbsp. UFC Banana Catsup1 ½ tbsp. sriracha (alternatively hot sauce)2 tbsp. brown sugar2 tbsp. butter1 medium onion3 cloves garlic, minced1 tbsp cooking oil INSTRUCTIONS: Wash and clean the mud crabs by in running water. Scrub the shells including abdomen,… Continue reading Chili Crab in Oyster Sauce

Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu) · Seafood

Crabs in Oyster Sauce

Post Views: 19,395 This Crab in oyster sauce is super yummy with oyster sauce and a bit spicy with Sriracha sauce. Instead of hot sauce, I recently became a fan of Sriracha.. I just love the spicyness and flavor. Try this recipe today.. and experience the delicious flavor combo of this recipe. Don’t forget the… Continue reading Crabs in Oyster Sauce