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Post Views: 127,759 Luscious Caramel Custard Cake, it’s the classic recipe. It’s a cake with cremè caramel (leche flan) on top. Also known as Magic flan cake. Who can resist this decadent sweet cake? So delicious. My all time favorite cake! You can bake it (instructions below) or you can steam it. For Steaming: You… Continue reading CARAMEL CUSTARD CAKE

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Ube Leche Flan Cake

Post Views: 215,079 Two favorite Filipino desserts combined in one luscious cake. It’s the tempting Ube Leche Flan Cake made of soft chiffon cake with creamy leche flan on top. Forever cravings you just can’t get enough.. Ube Leche Flan Cake INGREDIENTS: For the Leche Flan 10 egg yolks 1 condensed milk (300mL) 1 evaporated… Continue reading Ube Leche Flan Cake