Pinoy Mac and Cheese (Cooked in Stove)

Loading… This Pinoy Mac and Cheese (Cooked in Stove) is creamy and delicious! You don’t need an oven or what not to make sumptuous cheesy macaroni. All you need is a stove and you can easily cook it for your kids. Perfect for their school lunch pack. Happy cooking! Pinoy Mac and Cheese (Cooked in… Continue reading Pinoy Mac and Cheese (Cooked in Stove)

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Mac and Cheese (Filipino Version)

Loading… This Mac and Cheese recipe is super easy to make. Its creamy and cheesy. But make sure not to over cook it. Remember it will only take a few minutes to cook the sauce over low heat because it will thicken very fast. Happy cooking! Mac and Cheese (Filipino Version) INGREDIENTS: 1 kilogram macaroni… Continue reading Mac and Cheese (Filipino Version)