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Escabecheng Tilapia Recipe

Post Views: 25,642 Try this easy and budget friendly version of Escabecheng Tilapia. Quick and easy ingredients of fresh tomatoes, vinegar and soy sauce. ESCABECHENG TILAPIA RECIPE INGREDIENTS: 3 pieces tilapia 4-5 tomatoes, chopped 1 small carrot, julienned 4 cloves garlic, crushed 1 inch ginger, julienned 1 onion, chopped 1 small bell pepper, julienned ½… Continue reading Escabecheng Tilapia Recipe

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Escabecheng Isda

Post Views: 92,230 Another ulam (home cooked) ideas that will complete any Filipino table. Be it a holiday or any special occasion, Escabecheng Isda is always present in every pinoy hapagkainan. You can use any kind of fish you like: Tilapia, Pla-pla, Pompano, Milkfish, Dalagang Bukid, or Tanigue. This recipe also includes Tagalog Version recipe… Continue reading Escabecheng Isda

Filipino Recipe · Fish · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu)

Bangus Escabeche Recipe

Post Views: 79,635 Bangus Escabeche, Milkfish Bangus or Sweet and Sour Bangus. No matter how you call it. This recipe is definitely sweet and sour with a very crispy fried fish. Yummy! If you want the fish to stay crispy upon serving. Just pour in the sweet and sour sauce when your ready to serve… Continue reading Bangus Escabeche Recipe

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Plapla Escabeche

Post Views: 46,301 Subukan ang napakasarap na pritong tilapia or plapla na iniscabeche. I-prito muna at saka ihain with sauce on top kapag kakain na para crispy pa rin ang isda. Super sarap nito! Plapla Escabeche INGREDIENTS: 1/2 kg plapla (1 large fish) 1/4 tasa toyo 2 kutsara suka 2-3 kutsara pineapple tidbits 2 kutsara… Continue reading Plapla Escabeche