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Post Views: 76,622 This Roasted Pandan Chicken is super delicious, even without using any msg. All natural and way better than any store brought roasted chicken. Try it and make sure to keep a copy of this recipe on your collections! Super sarap and well done to the bones. Yeah I know, its not that… Continue reading ROASTED PANDAN CHICKEN

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Roasted Chicken (with Mango Lime Chili Sauce)

Post Views: 25,077 Filipino Style Recipe of Lechon Manok  or Roasted Chicken With Mango Lime Chili Sauce. Wrapped and roasted in banana leaves and stuffed with pandan leaves and other spices. This roasted chicken really smelled so good after baking. Roasted Chicken (with Mango Lime Chili Sauce) Ingredients: 1 whole chicken 2 tbsps. light soy… Continue reading Roasted Chicken (with Mango Lime Chili Sauce)