Lutong Bahay (Tagalog Version)

Pesang Dalag

Loading… Pesang Dalag is another Kapampangan delicacy that you shouldn’t missed. In english is called Stewed Mudfish. Easy and quick to cook! Pesang Dalag Ingredients: 1 kilo dalag Hugas bigas 200g sibuyas 100g luya, hiniwang manipis 3 piraso siling berde Pamintang buo 2 medium patatas 50g repolyo 50g pechay 50 grams Baguio beans 2 saging… Continue reading Pesang Dalag

Fish · Soups

Sinigang Na Bangus Sa Miso

Loading… Sinigang Na Bangus Sa Miso is perfect for a rainy day weather, actually for Filipinos its our all time favorite ulam (menu) for any kind of weather I guess. When you can’t think of any food to eat and just tiresome to think. First thing the comes our mind is Sinigang! It’s our no… Continue reading Sinigang Na Bangus Sa Miso