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Brazilian Flan

Loading… Post Views: 14,475 Did you know that Leche Flan have different names per country, like brazilian flan, cream caramel, caramel custard, milk flan and pudim. Yes, they are famous in other countries too. In Brazil they call it Pudim or Brazilian Style Flan. They use whole eggs with extra yolks and they use a… Continue reading Brazilian Flan

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Spanish Leche Flan

Loading… Post Views: 19,082 Creamy Satin smooth Caramel Covered crazy dessert. I love this spanish version with eggs, milk and real vanilla. Just a few simple ingredients and its magic. I love to add a pinch of salt to the custard blend and a wee bit of fresh squeezed orange juice and a hint of spices… Continue reading Spanish Leche Flan