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Post Views: 174,540 Macaroons de Macapuno is another special recipe of Macaroons with a twist of macapuno strings preserved. These coconut strings are so soft and grated from the youngest coconut meat and preserved in sugar syrup in bottles. Every bite of these macapuno is heavenly soft like a jelly in your mouth. Yummy! Some… Continue reading MACAROONS DE MACAPUNO

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Post Views: 211,715 How to make your own simple and easy Ube Pastillas at home for an extra income or home base food business. Wrap it in colorful plastics and be creative on shapes. You may even fill it in with marshmallows or even combine two flavors of Pastillas. Your ideas are unlimited. Happy cooking… Continue reading UBE PASTILLAS RECIPE

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Post Views: 121,286 Quick and easy way to cook a biko is to bake it. Glutinous rice dessert smothered in Latik sauce! Try baking your own biko today using an oven. BAKED BIKO WITH LATIK SAUCE INGREDIENTS: 6 cups glutinous rice 3 cups water 2 cans coconut milk 1- 1/2 cups brown sugar (adjust sweetness)… Continue reading BAKED BIKO WITH LATIK SAUCE

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Maja Blanca Salad

Post Views: 36,632 This Maja Blanca Salad is super easy, yummy and affordable! Treat your family to a special dessert today. Enjoy! Maja Blanca Salad Ingredients: 1/3 cup unflavored gelatin powder 2(400ml)cans coconut milk +water to make 5 cups of liquid 1/2 cup white sugar 1 can corn kernels, drained 1 cup all purpose cream… Continue reading Maja Blanca Salad