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Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

Loading… Post Views: 44,169 I am super amazed by this sweet dessert recipe! Four layers of absolute goodness, with fluffy meringue on top, rich custard filling, chilled ice cream and graham base bottom. Super yummy, all melting in your mouth! Cooking Tips: Don’t get stuck in one flavor, you can always always re-invent with better… Continue reading Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

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How to make Brazo de Mercedes Cupcake

Loading… Post Views: 85,754 Learn How to make Brazo de Mercedes Cupcake! From now on cravings for Brazo de Mercedes is easy peasy. Your favorite classic Brazo de Mercedes is now in cupcakes. These Brazo de Mercedes cupcakes are easy to make, compared to the traditional log cake. These cupcakes are oven baked. A few… Continue reading How to make Brazo de Mercedes Cupcake