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Ginataang Pako at Alimasag

Post Views: 16,130 Try this healthy recipe of Ginataang Pako leaves at alimasag. Crabs stewed in fresh coconut milk with young leaves of fern (pako). These fern leaves have very low calories and are good for people who wants to loose weight. It is also packed with nutrients like the anti-oxidant beta carotene (anti cancer)… Continue reading Ginataang Pako at Alimasag

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Post Views: 21,567 Ginataang Kamansi at Alimasag recipe’s main ingredients is the Kamansi fruit. Kamansi or breadnut in English is somewhat relative and resembles jackfruit and often confused with Breadfruit, but they differ from each other. Kamansi fruit is from a single stemmed evergreen tree. They say Kamansi is healthy vegetable or fruit good for… Continue reading GINATAANG KAMANSI AT ALIMASAG