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How to Cook Ginataang Mais

Post Views: 72,604 Wanna make this Ginataang Mais more exciting and much delicious? You can add a cup of cooked sago (buy it in palengke), or any of the following: saging, kamote or langka too to add variety to this delicious merienda. For the sweet corn, you can buy the cooked one from the mais… Continue reading How to Cook Ginataang Mais

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Ginataang Mais at Munggo

Post Views: 109,617 Ginataang Mais at Munggo INGREDIENTS: 6 cups coconut milk (I used coconut milk in cans) ¾ cups sweet rice (malagkit) 1 cup toasted and grounded munggo 1 can sweet corn 1 cup sugar ¼ cup fresh langka slices (alternatively: 1 tsp vanilla flavor or pandan leaves) ¼ teaspoon salt (optional) INSTRUCTIONS: Heat… Continue reading Ginataang Mais at Munggo