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Inubaran na Manok sa Gata

Loading… Post Views: 15,787 Inubaran na Manok sa Gata – is a chicken stewed in coconut milk with ubad or ubod ingredient and libas leaves as a souring agent. Ubod is another term for banana pith. While ubad is an Ilonggo dialect for ubod. Anu nga ba ang ubad? Ang ubad po ay ilonggo dialect.… Continue reading Inubaran na Manok sa Gata

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Piaparan Manok (Maranao Delicacy)

Loading… Post Views: 14,969 Piaparan Manok is A Maranao Delicacy and a Halal food. It is a dish of creamy curried chicken with grated coconut or sapal ng niyog, plus herbs and spices. This is so yummy! You gotta try this recipe soon. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions please! Ingredients:… Continue reading Piaparan Manok (Maranao Delicacy)