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Tinutungang Munggo Recipe

Loading… Tinutungang Munggo Recipe is a sweet glutinous rice porridge with toasted mung beans and thick coconut milk sauce (monggo or munggo beans in tagalog). This is my favorite classic Filipino merienda recipe back in my childhood days, while some will call it Ginataang Munggo or Ginataang Totong. According to comments on our Facebook post:… Continue reading Tinutungang Munggo Recipe

Lutong Bahay (Tagalog Version) · Vegetables


Loading… Mga Sangkap: 1 cup Munggo Beans, cooked by boiling (do not overcook) 2 pcs. medium ripe tomatoes, chopped 1 pc. medium red onions, sliced 2 thumbs ginger, sliced 6 cloves garlic, minced 1 can gata (coconut milk) 1/2 lb. cooked fried or grilled liempo, chopped 1 pc. fish or chicken flavor bouillon 2 cups… Continue reading GINATAANG MUNGGO SA MALUNGGAY AT LIEMPO

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Ginataang Mais at Munggo

Loading… Ginataang Mais at Munggo Ingredients: 6 cups coconut milk (I used coconut milk in cans) ¾ cups sweet rice (malagkit) 1 cup toasted and grounded munggo 1 can sweet corn 1 cup sugar ¼ cup fresh langka slices (alternatively: 1 tsp vanilla flavor or pandan leaves) ¼ teaspoon salt (optional) Instructions: Heat a non… Continue reading Ginataang Mais at Munggo