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How to make Mango Graham Ice Candy

Loading… Yield: 300 pcs (approximately) Ingredients:  5 -6 large Mangoes (2 kilos) 1 kilo sugar 2 packs Nestle All purpose cream 2 cans Condensed Milk 8 liters mineral water 1-2 packs MY Sans Graham Powder 300 pcs Ice candy plastic wrappers Instructions: Scrape mango meat and use a blender but don’t blend it too well… Continue reading How to make Mango Graham Ice Candy

No Bake Cake

Choco Banana Graham Cake

Loading… Have you tried, Choco Banana Graham Cake (No Bake)? If not yet, then you’re missing something delicious! Choco Banana Graham Cake is easy to make and does not require any baking. Beat the summer heat! Choco Banana Graham Cake is a simple dessert that you can sell for extra earnings. Now that’s even better.. Go… Continue reading Choco Banana Graham Cake