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Ginisang Labong with Pusit (Sautéed Bamboo Shoots with Squid)

Post Views: 9,746   Ginisang Labong with Pusit INGREDIENTS: 2 cups young bamboo shoots (cut into strips)1/2 cup leftover adobo squid, sliced in rings1 medium onion, chopped2 cloves garlic, minced2 medium tomatoes, choppedSalt and pepper to taste2 tbsp soy sauceOilWater INSTRUCTIONS: Prepare bamboo shoots by soaking it in water then squeezing out excess water. This… Continue reading Ginisang Labong with Pusit (Sautéed Bamboo Shoots with Squid)

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Ginataang Sitaw at Papaya

Post Views: 20,200 Ginataang Sitaw at Papaya INGREDIENTS: 1 bundle of sitaw 1 small green papaya 2 cups coconut milk 1 small chopped onion Patis, salt and pepper INSTRUCTIONS In a pan, pour half of the coconut milk and add the onion. Bring to boil but continue stirring to avoid over flowing when its boiling.… Continue reading Ginataang Sitaw at Papaya