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Loading… Ube Macapuno Ice Cream is the ultimate ice cream you’ll ever taste. Its creamy and the flavor is uniquely delicious with macapuno or sweetened young coconut strips. UBE MACAPUNO ICE CREAM   INGREDIENTS: 2 cups ube halaya or purple yam* 1 cup macapuno or young coconut flesh scraped into strings (chilled) 2 cups heavy… Continue reading UBE MACAPUNO ICE CREAM  

Ice Cream

Homemade Rocky Road Ice Cream

Loading… Homemade Rocky Road Ice Cream – you don’t need to buy an expensive ice cream at the groceries that may contain preservatives, emulsifiers and glucose. Try searching those ingredients and see how these chemicals can affect our body. These ingredients may not be good for the health as it can cause diabetes and other… Continue reading Homemade Rocky Road Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Homemade Macapuno Ice Cream

Loading… Easy to do homemade soft and creamy ice cream without using ice cream maker Ingredients: 568 ml heavy cream or all purpose cream, chilled 2/3 can of Carnation light condense milk 1/2 jar of Macapuno strings 2 tbs. granulated sugar (optional if you want really sweet) 1 tsp of Macapuno extract Macapuno strings to… Continue reading Homemade Macapuno Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Homemade Double Dutch Ice Cream

Loading… Homemade Double Dutch Ice Cream (without an Ice Cream Maker) Ingredients: 2 cups whipped cream 1 can chilled evaporated milk 1 can chilled condensed milk 2 eggs (separated/white from yolk)    1/2 cup chocolate sauce 1/2 tsp. chocolate essence 1/2 cup white chocolate chips 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips 1 oz. icing sugar  … Continue reading Homemade Double Dutch Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Filipino Style Vanilla Ice Cream

Loading… This vanilla ice cream recipe is Filipino Style. Its very simple and easy to make.  You can garnish it with candy sprinkles, chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, or marshmallows. Use your talent and imagination. It will be better than any ice cream temptations there is. Some of my group members recreated this ice cream recipe… Continue reading Filipino Style Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Homemade Snickers Ice Cream

Loading… Snicker ice cream, you think your still dreaming? Just wow.. When I went to Subic last November 2016, we went to Duty Free in Puregold. I saw lots of Snicker Ice cream! The price was extravagant too. So I thought why not make my own at home. Its much cheaper. It’s natural, fresh and… Continue reading Homemade Snickers Ice Cream