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Hopiang Baboy Recipe

Post Views: 3,793 Hopiang Baboy or Chinese Pastry with Pork Flavoured Filling – is a widely available inexpensive treat or snack popular in the Philippines which is somewhat alike to moon cake. One of the famous brands of our local Hopia I know is “Tipas Hopia”.  Also known as Bakpia in Indonesia which means meat… Continue reading Hopiang Baboy Recipe

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Homemade Hopiang Hapon Recipe

Post Views: 26,243 Hopia Hapon a.k.a. Japanese Hopia is a Filipino favorite pastry afternoon merienda. This Hopiang Hapon is also identical to the famous Chinese Mooncake. The only difference is that these Hopiang Hapon are originally cooked in a griddle back in the days and the fillings are made from Sweet Red Bean Paste or… Continue reading Homemade Hopiang Hapon Recipe