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Sinamak (Iloilo Spiced Vinegar)

Post Views: 106,057 Sinamak ingredients is a concoction of vinegar (from coconut; fermented in a glass or jar). This is use to add flavor and spice to most dishes. This condiment derived its appealing taste from several spices that were combined and soaked in vinegar for several days to several weeks. Sinamak is a Hiligaynon… Continue reading Sinamak (Iloilo Spiced Vinegar)


Fish Ball Sauce (ala Manong’s Sauce)

Post Views: 244,696   Best recipe of Manong’s Sauce for fish balls, squid balls and all kinds of Pinoy street food. Remember, its in the sauce why your customers will keep on coming back. You may add red chillies for a spicy version of this recipe.  Fish Ball Sauce (ala Manong’s Sauce) INGREDIENTS:4 cups water⅓… Continue reading Fish Ball Sauce (ala Manong’s Sauce)