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Post Views: 253,901 Humba is a dish popular in the southern parts of the Philippines – the Visayas and most part of Mindanao. Reason why sometimes it is referred to as Adobong Bisaya. Humba is a Visayan slow-cooked sweet pork dish based on the Chinese dish “Hong-ba” (red-braised pork belly). The taste resembles pork adobo… Continue reading HUMBA RECIPE

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Pork Piña Ala Humba

Post Views: 31,259 A classic favorite of Pork Humba with Pineapples. Super oh so yummy! You gotta cook it today. Happy cooking! Pork Piña Ala Humba INGREDIENTS: 3 ½ tbsp Margarine 2 ½ tbsp Garlic (crushed) 1 ¼ cups Onion (sliced) 2 kg Pork Kasim (cut into chunks) 2 ¾ cups Water 4 ½ tablespoon… Continue reading Pork Piña Ala Humba